Common Fallacies of Psychiatry Deniers

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The following videos are by Rob aka deidzoeb, a person from YouTube. His wife, Melinda, aka melsbasketcase, is also a YouTuber and Melinda has schizophrenia. She does well when she is properly medicated, but a lot of people go on her channel and try to convince her that her drugs are poison and that she should stop taking them. I hope you will watch all three of Rob’s great videos about Psychiatry Denial. He does a great job of showing how psychiatry deniers are simply wrong and how they try to take choice away from people with serious mental illnesses. I have included all three videos here. Please click to find them.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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12 thoughts on “Common Fallacies of Psychiatry Deniers

  1. I denied medication when I was diagnosed schizophrenic. Not because of Tom Cruise (he hadn’t even started that then) but because I was, well, insane but did not believe I was.

    I seem to have gotten away with it, after a six month episode I got back to earth and was good for about five years. Then I fell back into a strange world for the duration of a summer. Didn’t medicate (I was out in the forest) and again came out of it and have been good for three years now, working and in school.

    Perhaps you can tell me, isn’t that an o.k. track record for a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, to relapse once for about two months in eight years?
    Even for one who is fully medicated?

  2. Yeah, I don’t know what the “average” response is for people. I was first diagnosed when I was 16 and I went off medications soon thereafter and was off them for a number of years. Then I had a relapse. For years I was off and on medications. Sometimes I was fine, sometimes I was not fine. But, I was pretty much very irritable and angry for most of those years whether I was on or off meds. I also denied taking meds for years, because I didn’t realize how insane I was at the time. I have been stabilized on meds now for seven years without a relapse and I hope to never have one again. I know I would have had problems if I had not been on medications. It is certainly your choice if you feel that you are doing well and you don’t mind having relapses now and then. For me the intensely psychotic periods are really dangerous, because I do crazy, dangerous things. Also, I have problems with depression while not on meds and it makes my life miserable. Anyway, it is one thing for you to admit that you have a disorder and you decide how you want to live with it. That seems fine, but I do not like people telling other people to go off of their meds and stuff like that. I still hope to never have another relapse and will do everything I can not to have one…which means for ME: taking my meds. :) Thanks for your comments!

  3. [ … After writing last nights post I browsed around for the tag psychosis and similar on wordpress and came across the blog that is written by a mental disorder survivor like myself, I asked her in a comment: …]

  4. I think everyone who tells me I need to stop taking my Haldol to listen to this. My mother is the worst one actually. I am going to send her the link to this post so she can see that while the meds didn’t work for my uncle they will and have been working for me.

  5. Howdy. Thanks for posting these, Kristen. From what I’ve read, many people with schizophrenia have periods where they refuse treatment, then try it again, then refuse again. Melinda tried a medication a few years ago that made her lactate and miss periods. (I don’t think I’m giving out private details here because she has talked about it in her videos.) She asked to try some other medication and found one that was just as effective without those side effects. So I’m sure there are some very reasonable times when people switch meds too, or just have bad reactions or not enough effectiveness from the drugs they try.

  6. Hey Rob, thanks for the comments! Yah, I think most people with schizophrenia have been off and on medications a little bit at least! And these videos are just great! Thanks for making and posting them! :)

  7. Thanks for posting these… my site has been ‘attacked’ by pretty much the same people, although I can — most times — get them to calm down and enter into a conversation. Worse, I find, are the people suffering from the same disease I have — manic depression — who have been convinced it has enough benefit to their lives that taking medications or even entering into treatment would be like cutting off an arm.

  8. Interesting because even though some schizophrenics can “be OK” off meds for a while or even much longer, drs. and therapists say they weren’t begin with if they can survive off meds. I disagree with that statement because there are a lot of different varieties of the illness and with those different “flavors” come different levels of severity. A very mild case may be inherent in THAT particular person’s type of schiz. which science hasn’t differentiated that person’s schiz. from another guy’s. So there are different “strains”, for lack of a better word that respond differently regardless of treatment like the flu for example. My mild flu for me may go to bronchitis whereas your strain of flu may put you in bed 1-2 days then you’re fine. Maybe it’s something like that. Sorrys so long.

  9. Awesome post. Gabriel dumped this one on me after I made a similar one. Wish I had found this guy’s videos and not the deniers.

  10. Hey MR! You are right. Recent research is indicating that schizophrenia may be used for a variety of diseases and we just haven’t been able to really differentiate the diseases at this point. So, there is one big label and maybe a lot of different diseases that are covered by that. Different strains like you say or different severities. :)

  11. Just substitute “scientologist/CCHR supporter ” for “psychiatric denier”. $cientology likes to believe there is no such a thing as mental disorder; although if a person who is mentally stressed or “aberrant” ($cientology can help you with that!); it can be cured by their whacked out “therapy”! Although tons of their members and ex-members have mental illness and got into the sick cult because it attracts people with mental problems! People who are thinking critically seldom get involved in an abusive cult to begin with.
    Psychiatry…industry of death-their stupid museum devoted to dissing psychiatry is a joke and ought to be shut down.

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