Corona Cat Fabric!

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Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 6.49.26 PM

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all safe and well. It is day 502834023842 of the virus, and I thought I’d share the Corona Cat fabric that I created. It is available for purchase on Spoonflower here: Right now they are a bit backed up with orders overall, but Corona Cat is worth the wait. Also, as soon as I get my proofs, I’ll be adding other colorways of Corona Cat including rainbow!!! Corona Cat hopes to keep you safe from the virus.

C++ Tip for Accessing Derived Class Functions Indirectly

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So, if you are a newb coder like me, and you are studying inheritance, and it all just seems to come crashing down when you can’t seem to access a derived class’s function, take heart! There’s always a way. Just passing along info. gleaned from the interwebs that was used in my team’s code that I found VERY helpful! See image above for more.

My Cat Taught Me How To Art!

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I was showing my kitty how to do art on the iPad, and this is what we came up with! LOL.




Judy the Utie-rus Cross-Stitch (Plus More!)

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Hi Everyone! Recently I started making cross-stitch patterns. I’m cross-posting Judy the Utie-rus here, but you can find the other ones (some Pusheen, a Bearista Bear) on my other blog site It takes a pretty long time to make one pattern, but it is pretty relaxing in a weird way! haha. So, what I’m posting here are PDF and PNG versions of the pattern. Feel free to download and scale them as you like. I have a number of different versions with the grid at different opacity levels so you can choose what works best for your own eyes. You can right-click (or control-click) on the PNG images to download, and just click on the links for the PDF files to get to those. If you decide to make the cross-stitch, let me know how it works out for you and/or if you have any tips for making it better. I hope you enjoy! :)

Judy the Utie-rus Cross-Stitch PDF No Grid Here: JudyCrossStitchNoGrid
Judy the Utie-rus Cross-Stitch PDF 30% Grid Here: JudyCrossStitch30PercentGrid
Judy the Utie-rus Cross-Stitch PDF 80% Grid Here: JudyCrossStitch80PercentGrid




Structs and Classes!

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So, I’ve been taking some computer science classes. My teacher is just great, and she is very funny. In class she’ll say things like “NEVER!!! Pass a class or struct by value! NEVER!” Also, she’ll talk about how her stuff on the bottom of her stairs compares to a sorting algorithm and stuff. Anyway, it is total nerd joke stuff, and I love it! hahaha. So one day I got the idea to make a drawing of her with something she says. Then I turned the drawing into some bookmarks and magnets. I did give some to her, and she laughed. LOL. Plus the TAs seem to like them too. This photo is of one of the magnets. ;)

Trump Stickers

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Hi All! Just wanted to share the Trump stickers I made. They’ll be available in my etsy shop as soon as I put the listings up. LOL. I’ve got the whole gang one up in the shop now. Trying to cultivate some hope and happiness in these trying times.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.04.10 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.04.26 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.04.42 AM

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 3.04.59 AM

Apple Anti-Reflective Coating Display Recall

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MacBook Anti-Reflective Coat Damage

My damage looked kind of like this, but a bit worse.

Hi! I don’t know if anyone will find this useful, but if you happen to have a Mac laptop that has the anti-reflective coating coming off, Apple will replace your display for free! That will save you about $800!!! The not-very-publicized recall put into place by Apple is in response to what has been termed “Staingate.”

I didn’t know what was wrong with my screen. I thought I just couldn’t get it clean, so I looked it up online, and determined that it was the anti-reflective coating that had come off around where the keyboard hits the middle of the screen. Usually you can still use your display with the problem, but it can get REALLY annoying. The first time I looked up the issue I didn’t see any way to resolve it. Then about a week ago I was looking online and stumbled across this MacRumors article: (Thank You MacRumors!). The article says that they will replace it up to three years from purchase date, but I believe it is up to four years from purchase date.

I was actually past the timeframe, and I was really bummed out (I had missed it by three months). Fortunately, a great service tech at CityMac told me I should contact Apple and see if they could make an exception. I contacted Apple, and they did! I’m pleased to say that I also had a good customer service experience with Apple this time. In the past I had had terrible customer service.

I’m now typing behind a shiny new AND CLEAR computer screen. Yay!

So, if you have this problem, you can take it into an Apple store, or go to an Authorized Retailer like CityMac. You can also contact Apple and mail your computer in if you prefer. Good luck and good computing!

Image from:

Kente Cloth Video Project

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This is a project I did for an art history class. I chose to study Kente Cloth.

I hope you enjoy!

Fat or Skinny: Same Sh*thole

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Apparently the Left needs to be told that whether Trump is fat or skinny has no bearing on anything, and that their shameful pontificating about his weight only makes the Left look dumb. It gives the Right fuel for the fire to call out every hypocritical thing the Left has ever engaged in.

Speaking as a part of the Left, I have to say that we need not act like the bully in the White House. Yes, he makes fun of what people look like. Does that mean we need to? All of this call out about his weight (no matter what it might be) is ridiculous and gets us off track. It also has nothing to do with his “health,” because you can’t know anything about a person’s health by what they look like.

This sheer spectacle of nonsense just proves how much fat hate there is in the world, and how willing people are to go for the low hanging fruit. The Left is behaving no better than Trump and all the other bullies in the world. Fat or skinny, Trump is the same sh*thole he has always been, and it is corruption, incompetence, greed, violent misogyny,  racism, and recklessness that should be a concern for all of us.

Grow up!

The “You” of YouTube and Others

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YouTube cares about the “You” in YouTube less and less every year.

Long story, but when YouTube started there were a bunch of random people on there doing a bunch of random things. It was more of a community back then. There were some more famous YouTubers, but no one was getting paid or anything.

Then I can’t remember exactly when, I think it was after Google bought YouTube they started advertising on videos and they installed the Partner Program where YouTubers would get paid a tiny amount for each video ad impression. The requirements to be a Partner were small, but not completely insignificant. Still, small fries could be Partners.

They have been scaling back the Partner Program for a while now. They keep eliminating videos and saying they aren’t “advertiser friendly” but they still play ads on them, but the Partner can no longer monetize them. They are proud of their big earners who earn six figures from ad revenue.

Now they just increased the requirements for YouTube Partners again, and this basically kills off all of the small YouTube channels from ever earning revenue—channels that YouTube can still profit off of mind you.

I’ve been on YouTube since about 2006, and I’ve made a tiny bit of money (which is not insignificant to me), and I’ve made a number of random videos about my life. The best part is that I’ve met a lot of really great people through YouTube. I can still do most of it if I want to…until YouTube kicks us out all together. I won’t be making any money from it any more, but it was nice to feel like I was a part of something. Now it feels like I’m not even a part of it anymore. I know YouTube doesn’t care about all of us “nothing” channels. They never really did, but it still hurts.

It hurts in the way that all things seem to be overtaken by capitalist pigs who don’t care about anything but making money. It hurts in the way that a lot of the people YouTube considers “valuable” and “worthy Partners” are assholes who engage in click-bait behavior and other stupid stuff just to get views. It hurts in the way that you try to be a part of something, and what you are able to do is NOT ENOUGH to be considered valuable—EVER!

I was never making much money from YouTube—maybe $100 every year or two, but this…this is another kick in the face. I think YouTube has been a valuable platform, but not for the stupid YouTubers who make shock videos that get 2 million views per day.

One day we will look back and remember fondly the democratization of the internet when YouTube didn’t have ads, when Facebook wasn’t interrupted by advertising every second, when Twitter wasn’t a platform for propaganda, and even when MySpace made us feel connected.

It is sad that what WE built (because where would any of those startups be without consumers…people?) is just destined for monetization and for some blip on a CEO’s chart. I suppose that’s what it all is about it and that is what it has always been about. It is just sad.

I think at the end of the day all of us want to be a part of something outside of our own brains. That’s why we come to Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest and I know I’m forgetting at least 5000 other platforms. Humans are social creatures, and people have banked on it and will continue to do so. But there gets to be a tipping point when these platforms no longer think about what their users want and they only think about what their stockholders and CEOs want. We can see it and we can feel it. And we are watching it all unfold. Whether or not we can arrest the process and wrestle control back from extreme capitalism remains to be seen.

What I do think will happen someday, maybe not in my lifetime but who knows, is that extreme capitalism and greed will collapse. It can’t go on forever, because we can’t go on forever with it—not humans, not the planet, not anything. I’m not a Luddite by any means, but if there is no balance then there will be collapse. Extreme capitalists don’t think there will ever be an end to their reign, but someday it will come, and it might be the end of us all.

We are living in special times. We have the world at our fingertips, but…I’ll just leave it at that.