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Our 2013 Christmas Tree

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IMG_4269This is our 2013 Christmas tree. It has a few Hello Kitties, but mostly it has my Winter collection of Starbucks Bears. :) There are also a few ornaments on it, but not many compared to how many ornaments we actually have! lol. The Winter Starbucks bears also include some of my Chinese New Year Bearista bears. :) Happy Holidays everybody! :)


Update: Jonathan’s Card Taken Offline by Starbucks

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Share/Get A Cup of Coffee with Jonathan’s Card!

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This is pretty cool you guys!

This guy Jonathan put his Starbucks card online and is allowing people to use it and add money to it as they choose.

Here is one article about it: http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/mobile/08/08/jonathans.card.starbucks/index.html?hpt=hp_bn7

Here is a link to the twitter feed about the updates on the card balance: http://twitter.com/#!/jonathanscard

Here is a link to Jonathan’s card image: http://jonathanstark.com/images/sbux-card.png

I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems pretty cool! :)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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It is the year of the Rabbit, so I’m posing with my Starbucks Year of the Rabbit bear. Happy New Year!

New Starbucks Cards Site


I have a collection of Starbucks Cards, so I thought I’d make a little blog site for them.

Here is the link if you are interested:


New Bearista Site Coming Soon!

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Hi There! I just wanted to let you all that are interested know that I am working on a new website specifically for my Bearista Bears! I thought that I didn’t want to

Photos of Some Starbucks Bearista Bears

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I did just make a video of my Winter Holiday Bears, but some people might like to see the photos outside of a video, so I decided to put the photos up here as well. In addition, I am putting up the Valentine’s Day Bears that I have. I hope you enjoy them! :) The reindeer bear pictured above is

Winter Starbucks Bears Plus

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I made this little video with photos of my Winter Starbucks Bearista bears plus

Damn Those Cute Starbucks Things!

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Okay. It is time for me to admit that I just have no control over my senses, pocketbook or body when it comes to cute things. I am beholden to all things cute. If there was a field of landmines between me and something really really cute I would probably make a go for walking through the field of landmines to get the cute thing…well, especially if it was one of my cats!