New Bearista Site Coming Soon!

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Hi There! I just wanted to let you all that are interested know that I am working on a new website specifically for my Bearista Bears! I thought that I didn’t want to load down this site with too many bear things, but that I did want to have a forum for discussing bears and having their photos! I will have a website ( and a blogsite ( so that hopefully I can discuss the Bearistas with other people who are interested! I will also be showing some of my other Starbucks collections. The sites are not really up and running yet, so if you check on them, they are under construction. Anyway, when the sites are finished, I will come back and post something to let you know! :) Thanks for stopping by! :) Oh, and one last thing: I am not affiliated with Starbucks in any way.

One thought on “New Bearista Site Coming Soon!

  1. Hi Kirstin….BRAVO on the new sites…keep up the good work..I’ve added your sites to my favorite blog sites…thanks!

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