Photos of Some Starbucks Bearista Bears

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I did just make a video of my Winter Holiday Bears, but some people might like to see the photos outside of a video, so I decided to put the photos up here as well. In addition, I am putting up the Valentine’s Day Bears that I have. I hope you enjoy them! :) The reindeer bear pictured above is actually a bear that was only available in the Barnes & Noble Starbucks several years ago. He probably isn’t normally counted among the regular Starbucks Bears.

The dog bear above is an Asian Bear made for the Asian year of the Dog.
This Elf Bear is an older bear. You can tell he is older, because he has different fur than what they have now and he doesn’t have the Starbucks markings on the bottom of his foot. Still very cute though! :)
These two bears came out a while ago and are adorable! You can see that they both have puffy coats, knit hats and sweaters on under their coats. One bear has a knit scarf, while the other is sporting knit mittens! You can take off various layers to have different looks for the bears too, but I like to keep them dressed up and ready for snow!
How can anyone resist this frog prince bear that is just ready to be kissed? I know I can’t! I forgot to include the tiny frogs that came with him. The tiny frogs chirp and say “Kiss Me” on them too! I’ll have to put them up later! This one is a Valentine Bear.
These cute finger puppets come in a tiny metal lunchbox. A wonderful addition to Holiday decorations!
These two bears, the penguin and the snowman, came out at the end of 2007 in limited availability. The carrot nose is adjustable and can fit on the bear’s face! They are very stylish in their winter scarves and hats!
This is another Asian bear made for the Year of the Pig. The pig nose can be adjusted so it fits on the head of the bear. Like the Year of the Dog bear, this bear is also carrying a lantern!
These Valentine Bears from a few years ago are just so sweet! The girl bear has on a dress lined with hearts and a faux fur fluffy coat and hat. Her cheeks are pink and she’s carrying a small puppy. The boy bear has a rose for the girl bear and is wearing a stylish sweater/coat combo layered look outfit. These two make a great pair!
This Rudolph Bear has a little red nose, antlers, a scarf and stamps of authenticity on his feet! He is a great holiday decoration!
Of course, this isn’t a bear, but in recent years Starbucks has been branching out in their plush products. This is a cute snowman with a snowdog that you can velcro onto the snowman! He’s got a nice leash to keep him connected too! A wonderful snowtime treat! :)
This bear has broken out of jail just to be your Valentine! He still has the chain and ball attached to his leg and he’s wearing the stripes of love as well! An older bear, but a favorite!
This Valentine Bear is so adorable and fluffy! He’s made of the older material and is everything you could want in a Valentine Bear–bow tie, top hat and all! Love him!
The girl bear on the left is actually an international bear and was not available in the US even though she matches the boy bear. I actually bought the boy bear and the girl on the right together and bought the other girl bear on eBay. The international girl and the boy bear both have Valentines and the regular girl bear has a clutch purse. Both girl bears are sporting cute sweaters with hearts and the boy bear has a nice tie/vest combo with striped pants!
I absolutely love these two bears! The girl bear has a wonderful velvet dress on under her fur coat and under the dress is a cute pair of bloomers. The boy bear has a green velvet outfit underneath his Santa coat and they both have holly to match! Fantastic!
As you can tell by the fuzzy fur, this is an older bear. You can screw off the front of the globe and insert your favorite photo in there. Obviously, I haven’t put a photo in yet! His outfit is nice and warm and is made of felt.
These two bears are absolutely beautiful! They are international winter bears and were not available in the US. The boy has elf shoes and pants and a santa hat and coat. The girl’s outfit is so lovely! The top of her dress is quilted and the bottom is multi-layered with ribbons and fabrics! She is wearing a crown and has eyelashes too! I’m so glad I got these bears!
I love these 2007 Holiday Bears with their pjs and their own little bears! They even have no-skid slippers on their feet! Very cuddly!
Another favorite bear set! This girl bear has a beautiful multi-layered dress on under her velvet coat with fur trim. She even has her own bear in hand. The boy has a backpack and mittens, a scarf and a hat. They look like they are dressed up to go over to grandmother’s house for a holiday dinner!

6 thoughts on “Photos of Some Starbucks Bearista Bears

  1. I bought my daughter the 07′ girl holiday bear for Christmas and she just loved it.
    It is her favorite toy. She takes it every where.

  2. hi! i’m a new bearista collector… would you know how many bearista were released from the time they start producing it…Please please help me

  3. Hi Kristine!
    I don’t know for sure how many bears there are, but I’m trying to find out. Some of them are not numbered. Right now I think they are up to the 73rd or 74th edition of numbered bears. I am working on a bearista bear site called AND I have another blog at so I will try to find out and post anything I find there. Thanks for asking and welcome to the world of bearista bears!!! :) If you need any help, let me know. :) kristin

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