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Another thing I enjoy collecting is Converse tennis shoes. Some women collect expensive designer high heels, I collect tennis shoes! heh A few of my Converse are missing, because they are lost in my room right now. Also, I do have shoes other than Converse. Maybe those will be for another blog.

Here we have your standard issue black lo-rise Chuck Taylor All Stars. A staple. You must have these if you are going to have any Converse!
You can never go wrong with black, so how about a little black sequins? Fabulous! These shoes are fairly new and I just love them. Yes, there are really little sequins all over these shoes! They seem to hold up fairly well too. I have even worn them in the rain.
These shoes are really interesting and you might not notice it at first, but they are tear away shoes. What does that mean? On the top layer is black fabric and underneath there is different fabric. The shoes were made to have the black torn off however you like it. Tear a little, tear a lot! It is up to you! What a crazy/wonderful idea!
These white shoes with blue decoration are pretty classic and preppylicious! They are way comfortable and I love the styling. Simple, sweet, what more could a girl ask for?
I think these candy cane stripe shoes are just adorable! They are great for the holidays or all year ’round! They have a green interior and tongue, but the outside is almost good enough to eat with its candy cane stripes! :)
You’d be surprised at how many things green can go with. I love these green Converse! Something about them just brightens my day. I say if you are only going to have a couple of pairs of shoes, then you should get some green Converse. You can’t go wrong!
Speaking of green. I got these greenish tapestry-like gems a couple of years ago. I have seriously never seen anything like them. They are very unique and I really enjoy them!
This leopard pair is my own creation! On you can create your own pair of Converse from scratch! There is pink stitching, aqua blue tongues, the interior is pink and on the heel (which you can’t see) it says MEOW! These might be my favorite pair of shoes ever and as far as I know, they are one-of-a-kind!
I got these fabulous reddish/maroonish tapestry Converse at the same time that I got the green tapestry ones. Like the green ones, I really enjoy these. I think they are cool, but then again, I pretty much like all of my shoes! haha
These are a pair of shoes that I own until I wear holes in them and can no longer strap them together. I don’t know how many pairs of black hi-top Converse I’ve gone through. Not that they aren’t sturdy, but I’ve seemingly walked a million miles in my black hi-tops. From protest marches, to wild homeless excursions, my black hi-tops have always been there. This pair is actually kind of new. I love the black hi-top. All other shoes could discontinue, but if they ever discontinue this shoe I will be devastated.
You might not want to see a grungy old pair of torn up blue hi-tops, but I felt the need to lovingly display them here. Like my black hi-tops, I have traveled a lot in these old blue shoes. I can barely lace them, lest the seams rip right apart, but I always hate throwing away my Converse.
Here’s another pair of grungy shoes. Oh if these shoes could tell their tales! It used to be, back in the day, that it was hard to find a pair of Converse. We are talking pre-internet days here people. Well, one of the colors that was a bit difficult to find for some reason was this standard issue, old school off white. I might have even been looking for bright white at the time, but I’m glad I have these off-white canvas hi-tops. Gotta love ’em!
These pink lo-tops are absolutely sweet! I really love the pink. I still haven’t been able to find the Hello Kitty Converse, so until then, I will have my sweet pinks. Aren’t they adorable?
These shoes are absolutely great! They have pink lining and the shoelaces are a special infused pink something or other. The black isn’t just any black, it is actually black velvet! These shoes feel so comfortable, because the velvet is a bit stretchy or something. These shoes definitely rank high on my list of favorites!
You know there has to be some goodness in the world if a pair of pink plaid Converse exist! Yes, pink plaid. What else can I say? I love them!
Oh, and plaid isn’t only in pink! These are in the Jack Purcell style and they feature a lovely red, off white and black plaid. These shoes are incredibly comfortable! These are also my first pair of Jack Purcell’s. I really like them a lot!
I think Dorothy would be proud of these red sequins Converse. These are new to my collection. I have to say, I have always loved the “Wizard of Oz” and I always wanted a pair of red sequins shoes just like Dorothy! Converse, thank you for making my dreams come true! Seriously, how can you get any better than this?!?
Okay, I know you thought the red sequins were fierce (and they are), but these silver sequins shoes reflect the light in a way that is just stunning! Sometimes when I wear these I just get distracted and keep staring at my feet when I should be conversing with other people! haha. How fabulous! I can’t even say! I love these!
Oh yes! For those times when I’m feeling patriotic all I have to do is whip out these babies! I’m not actually into flag waving and stuff, but I really do like the way they turned the stars and stripes into something really interesting with these shoes.
Nothing like a pair of crisp, white, white shoes to get you to where you need to go! Even though these are a bit plain, I really do like them a lot. And, I prefer the white, white in the low-top as shown here. A great pair of shoes!
I *just* got these Christmas tree shoes. They were on sale, because it was after Christmas and everything. They came with red laces and white laces! How will I ever decide! I haven’t actually worn them yet. I think the little trees are adorable and the tongue of the shoe is red. Sweet!
Just when you thought I would run out of cute shoes, here I am again with these yellow patch shoes! I love yellow and I love these shoes. I actually had some pale yellow lo-tops, but they got worn out and destroyed, so I had to throw them away. So, now at least I have some yellow shoes. They brighten any day!
Well, that’s it for now! I have a few other pairs that are lost in my room and some on order. I guess I’ll post those later. I hope you like my shoe collection! And, in case you’d like to get another dose of it, here is the video I made with my shoes below:

24 thoughts on “Converse Shoes

  1. hey would you be willing to sell me the red sequined ones? i cant find them anywhere and im dying for them!

  2. hi malena:

    I’m sorry, I can’t sell my red sequins ones, because I love them too! :) I should have bought two pairs and then I could have sold you one! I’m so sorry!

    :) kristin

  3. i love the pink plaid Converse how muck are they ?? How many moe shoes do you have?? How i loved them all do You have anymore low tops??? WOW Love them ;) Good job

  4. do u noe whr u bot the red sequence ones. i went to the converes store at the amll but they didnt have them! i go to the website ut i ………..just need ur help please! im going to be dorothy for halloween and these would be awesome!

  5. Hey Veronica: Converse range from about $29-$65 depending on the shoe. I have a ton of shoes! hehe. Yes, I recently got some more shoes, so I am going to put up the new shoes as soon as I take pics! :) Thank you sweet grrl!!! :)

    Hey Kimi! Sorry, I don’t live in Toronto! I bought a lot of my shoes online at…I don’t think they are selling the sequins any more, but they have many other cool ones! :)

    Hey Emily! I’m so sorry, dearie! I bought my sequins ones on if they aren’t there I don’t know where to find them! I guess you could try regular red. :( I’m so sorry! Good luck! and have fun anyway!!! :)

    Hugs to you all!
    :) kristin

  6. Kirsten thanks aniwyas but i bot them brand new on ebay. i tried to buy them on but it was going to take 3 weeks = / so yea thank u aniways. all theses ppl have bin askin u since june and i got the in the mail in 4 days after just discovering them in one month = ]

  7. Hello. I absolutely love the red sequined shoes!!! I actually saw them in a store a few months ago, but they didn’t have my size… I knew I should’ve seen if they could order them for me. I can’t find them anywhere now. I wish you many happy moments in them!

  8. gosh i love your shoes you have a unique style i loveee it<3 butt i really like the leapord pink nd blue converse because it really goes with my wardrobe!! i really want those shoes

  9. thanks barbie! I love the leopard blue and pink too, because I chose the colors of the shoe myself. on you can create your own shoes, but I don’t think that they still have the leopard print fabric available. I haven’t looked lately though.

  10. i have a collection of sparlkes and everyone always gives me attention with them its awesome ppl are always like you stand out

  11. Hey, where on Earth did you find those SWEET green tapestry-like shoes? I have NEVER seen Converse offer a show like that before! :o( It’s almost impossible to find the colored Converse shoes here in Iowa in hues other than brown and white!!!! Aren’t boys supposed to have sneakers that match their Ts?! :o(

  12. Were did you find the green tapestry converse? I saw them here and have been looking for something like them to wear for my wedding.

  13. I bought the green tapestry converse a number of years ago from They are always coming out with new ones, but I haven’t seen this kind in ages. :( Sorry.

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