Black And White Image of Me

Kristin Bell, self-portrait

Well, I was just messing around with taking my pic with my laptop the other day. Actually, I must confess, because I am constantly taking weird photos of myself with PhotoBooth, the photo application that comes with Macs. I take lots of ugly, unsightly photos with it and some okay photos. This one I took in color when I was actually wearing some make up and then I took it into Photoshop and made it black and white and adjusted the lighting and saturation and stuff. My eyes were also a bit puffy from my allergic reaction, so I tried to take that puffiness out. Aside from having no neck, I think this is a pretty good photo!

3 thoughts on “Black And White Image of Me

  1. Aww, you’re such a cutie patutie! *huggles* Black and white is always classy and classic. Nice shot!



    p.s. Is it just me or have you not written that much?

  2. Lovely shot Kristen.. I think black and white photography stunning, I love the shininess of your eyes in the photo, they ‘lure’ you in ;) xx hope you’re well xxooxx


  3. Thanks for the comments Li and Joanna! Li! You are right. I haven’t written much lately. I hope to get back on the horse and get some more writing done. Wow in august i had 35 posts! January only 2!!! BADDD!!!

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