Damn Those Cute Starbucks Things!

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Okay. It is time for me to admit that I just have no control over my senses, pocketbook or body when it comes to cute things. I am beholden to all things cute. If there was a field of landmines between me and something really really cute I would probably make a go for walking through the field of landmines to get the cute thing…well, especially if it was one of my cats!

Pictured above are the newest Starbucks bears for winter. As you can see, they are just adorable in their wintertime pajamas and slippers holding their very own teddy bears! You probably can’t tell from the photo, but the girl bear even has a little pink blush in her cheeks! Why must the bears be so cute? It isn’t reasonable to ask me to resist these little bears every time I go into the shop! And, of course, I have a HUGE collection of these bears too. They are basically the same bear (with some variation) dressed up in different outfits. That is all. I know this, but they are just so cute with all of their little outfits!


And you thought they just had bears! Oh no! Now they are developing more and more cute stuff, like this super cute mug/plate combo with this cute, little penguin! I mean, what is not to love about the penguin?

It would all be great, except that I am running out of room for stuff and my pocketbook is in serious broke mode! My dad also gets mad at me when I waste money on stuff like this. He just doesn’t understand cute. He doesn’t care about cute. He doesn’t get cute. Period.

Sometimes I think he is right, but then I see something else that is cute, and I have to buy it as well!!!

6 thoughts on “Damn Those Cute Starbucks Things!

  1. Hahaha i love your landmine analogy. I totally agree with you Kristin…….cute things are very very hard to resist…. and that penguin is a corker (australian for awesome..i think). I have the same thing with my doraemon collection it has now expanded to alarm clock, slippers, aprons, pillow, doona and bedsheets. I say its ok to splurge a little on things that make you feel good as long as the bill are getting paid, more motivation to work i think hehe.

  2. thanks for the comment zoe! heh. I’m glad I’m not the only one who adores cute stuff! Sounds like your doraeman collection is a corker! Did I use that right??? hehe :) hugs, k.

  3. Hi Kristin!

    You are not alone girl! I can not resist all that is cute! And those bears are really cute! But I think you know, that dolls are more my weakness.

    Just wanted to say hi!


  4. Hey singer, Thanks for the link! Now I’m going to be addicted to those games! Cool! hehe. They seem fun…I already tried some out!!! :) THANKS! :) k.

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