Modern German Film Website!

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Hello! I would like to introduce you to the Modern German Film website I put together this term! Other people in the class helped locate some of the articles, and I put the rest together! I’m pretty happy about all the work we did! Enjoy! :)

Und Jetzt: Stille Nacht

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iPad Keyboard Secret!

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I just got my iPad for Christmas and am finding out new things every day. I just wanted to post this in case someone was wondering how to use accents and diacritically marked letters while typing on iPad, such as ü, é, ñ and all sorts of other ones. I stumbled onto this by accident, but all you have to do when using the keypad is to hold down the letter until a window pops up where there are alternate letters and just click on the letter you would rather have! So, just hold the letter slightly longer than normal and the window will pop open. It is FANTASTIC!!!

German Lesson #2

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Okay people! Time for

Original Hello Kitty Post

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This is the original video that the Battlefield Doktor parodied in his video which then led me to parody the Battlefield Doktor! :)

German Lesson #1

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This is German Lesson #1 with me, ichbinkeinberliner aka

I Speak A Little German (Translation)

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german flag


(Pictures: Stereotypical German: Yes!?!)

Hello! Good Day! My name is Kristin and I live in Vancouver, Washington in the USA. I am 34 years old and I have 2 cats. Squeaky

Ich Spreche Ein Bischen Deutsch

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Stereotypisch Deutsch: Ja!?!

Hallo! Guten Tag! Ich heiße Kristin und ich wohne in Vancouver, Washington in der USA. Ich bin 34 jahre alt und ich habe zwei Katzen! Squeaky ist