I Speak A Little German (Translation)

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german flag


(Pictures: Stereotypical German: Yes!?!)

Hello! Good Day! My name is Kristin and I live in Vancouver, Washington in the USA. I am 34 years old and I have 2 cats. Squeaky is black and white with no tail. Kiki is only black with a long tail! I live with my parents. Their names are Julie and Ed. They are very nice and friendly (naturally!). I have one brother. His name is Scott but I say “Scotty!” He is 35 years old and he lives in Vancouver also but not with us. I study German and other things at the university…Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Portland is near Vancouver. The Columbia river is in the middle between Portland and Vancouver. My German is not perfect. I’m sorry. I am a bad student sometimes. Why? My life is complicated and sometimes I am lazy. Yes! That is not so good. :) Akk! So! Life is short, so I live! That is all for now. Bye and hopefully you can write me a comment. :) hehe.

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