German Lesson #1

October 2, 2007 at 10:57 pm | Posted in Battlefield Doktor, Deutsch, Drama, Friends, German, Goofy, ichbinkeinberliner, Kristin Bell, Lessons, Video, YouTube | 3 Comments

This is German Lesson #1 with me, ichbinkeinberliner aka Kristin, imitating another YouTube friend of mine named Battlefield Doktor. He also did a parody of me. I guess I should put that up here too! :)

For More German Lessons, Go To the Languages Page HereĀ 


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  1. Hi Kristin,

    im a german guy and i mean youre german is very good.

    i dont know how good you reading german, that i writ in english.

    i hope my english not so bad ;-)

    but i have one question:
    why you want speak (and learn) german and why the name “Battlefield Doktor”??????? ;-)

    many greetz from german


    ps: about an answer (mail: i would be very happy

  2. Some greetings from Germany ^^
    I love it when american women speaking german!
    Their accent is driving me crazy (in a good way ^^ )

    Have a nice day


  3. youre soo good!! you only have a very small accent!!!
    btw im from germany!

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