I Need Your Voting Power HELP!

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Hi Everybody!

I need your voting power help. My friend Caroline is exhibiting in two art shows and she needs your vote to help her win the competitions! Her paintings really are the best too. If you could take a moment to click on her paintings to vote for them as winners, that would be really cool. Here are the links. You may need to refresh the pages:

(the painting is called EVE(I))

The second competition has two paintings but is on until November 1st.
It’s called SPOTLIGHT III, and she has two paintings in that one:




Thank you for your votes!!!

3 thoughts on “I Need Your Voting Power HELP!

  1. Hi Kristin!!

    wow, I’m impressed! your friend Caroline seems to be a talented painter!!!

    these paintings have something unique!!

    i also voted: 5 Stars!!!!

    good luck fpr Caroline

  2. Wow Robin,

    Thank you So much for your kind compliments :) I’m never sure how someone will react to my work, but when there is a positive response, it sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside hehehe. :)

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