I Feel For Ya, Britney!

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Okay, I rarely write about celebrity gossip, but overnight Britney Spears was taken into the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and I guess I feel the need to comment. From what I’ve heard on the news, she hasn’t slept since Saturday and she’s now on a 72-hour hold. I have also been in this situation. It isn’t fun. She is probably on the hold, because she doesn’t want to voluntarily be admitted. I’m just guessing here.

I feel so bad for Britney. Mental illness sucks ass. And, it is sometimes very difficult to get the treatment that you need in this country, because the system errs on the side of personal freedom. Now, that may not sound like a bad thing, except when you are someone with REAL mental problems and you are still able to talk your way out of being held for treatment. Actually, probably the only reason why I’m even writing this right now, is because my psychiatrist went to a judge and said I needed to be held in the hospital for longer. Of course, at the time I was really pissed off about being in the hospital which seemed a lot like jail at the time, and so I went to the hearing and said that my doctor was a liar and that I didn’t need to be held!

Well, it is over seven years later now, and all I can say is: Thank God for small miracles! Thank God I was held longer and put on medications that I really didn’t agree with at the time. Thank God the judge listened to my psychiatrist and NOT me! If I had gotten out after the 72-hour hold and if I had returned to my life who knows what would have happened! Really, I don’t even know if I’d be alive to talk about it. And, I’m not just being flip. I kind of doubt that I would have survived much longer.

I mean, I was in the hospital after already trying to flee to Canada to become a Canadian citizen in the middle of the night. This was after I thought I was homeless, so I slept on the streets in Seattle for awhile even though I did have a home. This was all after I drove 115 miles per hour swerving in between cars on the freeway. After I swallowed toxic ink. After I tried to kill myself several times. After I was pulled off of an overpass that I almost jumped off of. And after a LOT of other shit. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure how I survived long enough to make it into the hospital, but I am SO GLAD I did and I am SO GLAD my psychiatrist finally put the brakes on my out of control life.

I just hope that Britney can get the care she needs and that someone can put the brakes on in her situation as well. I’ve never really been a Britney fan or anything, but I hate to think of her suffering and spinning out of control. And, I would really really hate to see her end up dead. It is sad but true that mental illness doesn’t spare anyone. Even rich, famous, beautiful people can become ill. Let’s just hope that all of her money and fame can somehow help her get the treatment she needs so she doesn’t end up another tragedy.

6 thoughts on “I Feel For Ya, Britney!

  1. Thanks for making this post Kristin! I too feel so much sympathy for Britney right now. It pisses me off more than anything that the stigma of mental health issues is rearing it’s ugly head! The media is just calling her every name in the book when she clearly needs to get some help and she has no control over what she is doing. The public really needs to be educated about mental health issues and the news coverage of Britney’s ordeal has made that all very clear.

    I am so glad that her family planned an intervention for her.
    When I saw Britney get taken to the hospital for the first time, I was having flashbacks of when I went. I had to be taken against my will, in an ambulance just like her.

    I really hope she stays long enough and gets the care she needs this time. I couldn’t believe they let her out so quickly before. You are absolutely right, in cases like this personal freedom is not as important. When I was psychotic, I was in no position to be in a court room making decisions for myself. My mother is my guardian for a year because of it and I have no problem with that because that guardianship saved my life.

    They also let me out when I wasn’t ready. I was still hallucinating when they first discharged me. As soon as I got out, I stopped taking my meds (which at the time weren’t even working) and then I got even worse. I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight and I wasn’t eating. If that had gone on for much longer I wouldn’t be here right now. Luckily my family saw that i was still sick and had me sent right back to the hospital. After staying for a couple more MONTHS and getting a shot of Zyprexa, I finally stopped hallucinating. It was only then that I realized my delusions weren’t real and that I needed to take medicine.

    If she doesn’t stay long enough, she may never realize that she needs treatment. It looks as though her psychiatrist and family have realized how serious the situation is, fortunately.

    What I’m most worried about with Britney is the fact that she may have people around her that are only there for her money and don’t have her best interest at heart. If that’s the case, the situation could get worse rather than better.

  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Lindsey! I’m so glad that you have your mom and dad as your support system and that you were able to get the help you needed! I know, I totally think the same thing about Britney: that she doesn’t have anyone in her life who is truly looking out for her best interests. I don’t even know if her mother would look out for her best interests!!!

  3. I feel bad for Britney too. I know how bewildering it can be to be in an acute state of mental illness. My heart goes out to her. I have been acutely ill a number of times in my life and could not imagine public scrutiny while in such a fragile state. I have also been involuntarily committed , I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get released, I suffered a lot but came through and am thankful every day for my mental wellness.
    cheers kristin

  4. Wow, Kristin, now that you list what’s happened, thank goodness indeed that your psychiatrist forced you into treatment.

    It’s really sad. She’s really suffering and the media is making such a spectical of it. This just goes to say how ignorant the public is about mental illness—they can’t even recognize the symptoms/signs! I hope Britney can get back to where she was before—at the top of her game, fierce competition to any pop stars.

  5. Jake: I’m glad you survived it all too! Thanks for your comment btw. :)

    Li: Thanks for the comment! I agree. Let’s hope she gets back to herself soon! I wasn’t a Britney fan before, but I am now. I want to see her get better!

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