US Air Force Shows Lame-Assness

Air Force, Boys/Men, Discrimination, Grrls/Women, Hate, Kristin Bell, Lame-assness, Misogyny, People, Rape, Safety, Sex Offender, Shame, Surviving, US Gov't vs Lame-assness, US Government, Violence

air force logo

Well, I cannot believe this one! I’m trying to limit the points for the US versus lame-assness game to one point per incident, but these incidents are just so bad I feel like awarding more points. In this incident the United States Air Force is being completely backwards and dumb. You can read the whole story here at Basically the story is that an Air Force woman was raped by three men. She reported the incident properly but was brow beaten into not testifying. Then the Air Force decided to file charges against HER! She may end up being listed as a sex offender because SHE WAS RAPED! For fucks sake (pardon my language) this is completely INSANE! This is just so wrong that I can’t even write anymore. What is there to say? It is just all so wrong and backwards. Time for the Air Force to pull its head out of its ass! US Government and its extention the US Air Force get zero for this one and Lame-assness gets another point!

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