Ambushed at the Starbucks!

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I guess it just isn’t my day today, or maybe it is. I have something concrete to write about. A blazing horrible example of fat hatred and overzealous skinny people trying to convert me into one of them. Here’s the story: I went to Starbucks to get a drink. I was thinking I’d like a Venti Blueberries and Cream Frappaccino. So, I get out of my car and I start to head inside. There is a group of people sitting outside at a table and this one woman gives me a weird look. I’m like: okay, whatever. I smile at her and go inside. There are a couple of people in front of me, so I wait and check out the display case to see if there is anything good. I spot these little carrot cake loaves that I just love, so I decide to get some.


Meanwhile the people from the table outside have gotten up and are coming inside to stand in line behind me. I hadn’t really noticed them at all. I give my order to the barista and then she goes to get the order from the woman behind me. The woman is COMPLETELY obnoxious when she orders. She points out that she can’t have any pastries or anything and can only have plain coffee because she has lost 105 pounds! Then she whips out a before and after picture of herself and is going on and on about her weightloss as if she has developed a cure for cancer or something. She was completely stupid and irritating, so I just tried to ignore her as the poor barista had to say “oh yeah, isn’t that just wonderful! good for you!” I wanted to vomit. I went and finally paid for my drink and was happy to be away from the stupid weightloss woman. I waited for my drink at another counter and then was walking out when this woman pops up in front of me and starts talking to me. She said “I don’t know you or anything, but I wanted to tell you about this great weightloss program…” I begin to cut her off and try to wave her away and she knows I am, so she continues, “this is my mom. She lost 105 pounds in the last year…and” I’m trying to get her out of my face by now, so she shoves her business cards in my bag without my permission. She is just shoving them in! I act polite and nice and leave the Starbucks as quickly as possible.

I seriously wanted to just scream at this woman. She could tell I didn’t want to talk to her and still she persisted and violated my personal space. She just assumed that she knew what was best for my body and my life by looking at me! As if I couldn’t sign up for whatever weightloss plan I wanted by calling one of the 5 trillion weightloss outfits that are on TV, online and all around me 24-hours per day! It isn’t enough that I have to live in this society and deal with society’s stupidness, but then I actually have to put up with some woman ambushing me in the Starbucks. I should have screamed in her face. I should have screamed “GET AWAY FROM ME AND TAKE YOUR STUPID WEIGHTLOSS PLAN WITH YOU! I AM NOT YOU! I DON’T HATE MY BODY OR MYSELF AND I DON’T NEED YOUR STUPID IDEAS ABOUT WEIGHTLOSS UP IN MY FACE AMBUSHING ME AT THE STARBUCKS!!!!”

It has been a couple of days since this happened, and the more I think about it, the madder I get. That someone would just sit in so much judgment of me and act like they are saving my life by getting in my face in a public space! Not only must this woman think I am totally stupid and oblivious to the entire world, but she must think I have no idea about anything! If this ever happens to me again, I am not even going to try to be polite. I am just going to scream in their face and tell them to back off.

10 thoughts on “Ambushed at the Starbucks!

  1. Some people are just plain rude….i still cant believe she has the nerve to be so persistant with her views. Sheesh…..

  2. WOW!! I believe I would have gotten “out of control”. I also would have called the police and had her arrested for second degree misdemeanor (assault because i did not give her consent to touch me and/or something of my property that is attached to me like your purse).
    I also would have quieted down the WHOLE DAM Starbuck’s and made an announcement something to the effect ” is anyone interested in this weight loss program that this lady WHO Doesn’t even know me has the audacity to infringe upon me”?

  3. And, by the way, I found your website as a link from; I have been diag.with
    schizophrenia but it’s much milder now. I think the voices are scared of me(see previous post).

  4. hehe. MR you are so funny! I love that “I think the voices are scared of me (see previous post)! haha. LOL I think we need more women to get angry, you know what I mean??? I’m so glad you found me! I love reading all of your wonderful comments! :) kristin

  5. Well, I can see that already you have lost 105lbs of pure annoyance. Maybe this woman was a genuine covert and needed to spread the word, but it seems more likely that she had a business plan that required your cash…

    I think you showed remarkable restraint by not shouting “GET AWAY FROM ME” in this womans face. She’s preying upon your politeness.

    And you know, you don’t need to explain yourself to her or anyone.

  6. Oh yes, just be rude. People like that ONLY understand rudeness.

    I’m personally sick and tired of getting weight loss advice from people because it’s always people without PCOS. At this point, I will only accept advice from people who have the same medical condition as I do. If they managed to overcome the weight gain associated with it, and they are also on Depakote, then I welcome that advice. Losing weight would help some of these PCOS symptoms get under control, it’s just a lot harder for me to do, which they don’t seem to understand. Still, I shouldn’t have to stand there and explain to every judgmental asshole about my medical conditions or the medications I’m on, just so I can have their “permission” to be fat. Screw that…

  7. There is no way I would of put up with that.
    I’d probably tell her something about hair style or clothes.
    Only problem is I’d be as bad as her.

    Some people think so much of them selves that they think every idea is gold I know people like this, unfortunately.

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