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Well, I got my new helmet from nutcasehelmets.com and I really love it. Not only is it way beautimus, but it is also very comfy! I haven’t had a chance to wear it while riding my bike yet, because I hate hot weather and it is too hot to ride. Plus they have recently opened up our once quiet and good bike riding street so that it has a lot more traffic, especially while they are working on the other street above ours that normally gets all the traffic. Needless to say, I am chicken when it comes to riding around cars. I tried to ride my bike at school one day. I loaded it on my car and everything, but between dodging pedestrians and dodging cars it was too much for me! I don’t know how those messenger bikers do it! Seriously, how in the world do people ride bikes in the city!?!

And, you’d think that pedestrians would you know, sort of move out of the way a little, but I think they try to walk right into you instead. I was thinking to myself “oh yes, the park blocks will be a great place to ride my bike. I’ll just coast down the trails and I won’t have to worry about cars! La dee dah!” I wasn’t even half a block along when people seemed to pop out of nowhere and I had to dodge them left and right! I didn’t sign up for this! I wasn’t thinking obstacle course. So, after that one day I decided on no more city riding.

So, I’ve been riding up and down my street mostly, but I feel out of control on this bike, because the handlebars are spread wide apart and it is more for making leisurely turns than for stopping on a dime when a car pulls out in front of you. I also put quite a few too many baskets on my bike, because I thought I was going to use them. It turns out that it just makes the bike more tipsy, so I’ll have to take off the back baskets. I did want to try to teach my cat to ride in the front basket, but so far he has steered far away from the bike. I don’t blame him. I’d probably crash the bike and knock him on his head. Poor kitty! Seriously, that Toto dog in the Wizard of Oz must have been one trusting dog, because I don’t know how you’d get an animal to ride like that! They make it look so easy!

So, I’m left walking around the house trying on my bike helmet and taking random photos of it. As a bonus I included my Amelia Earhart bear in the photo with me. That bear is one of my favorites. I love his cute airplane outfit! Oh yeah, so I’m feeling like a hermit today, so I’m not going to work. I’ll work on stuff from home or sleep now and work later. I really like going to work, but I don’t know, I think if I was completely left to my own devices I might become a shut-in or something! Luckily I do have to go out in the world now and then, so I can’t remain a total shut-in.

Okay, so while I was in the middle of writing this post I actually fell asleep WITH my helmet on! haha. Sometimes I get so sleepy I just have to sleep. I think it mostly has to do with my medications. When I drink a lot of caffeine I don’t seem to be as sleepy. Oh, and I had been up all night too, so that might have had something to do with it. hehe.

So anyway, that is me with my new bike helmet and my bear. I was going to say too, about the bike riding. I used to always ride my bike around the neighborhood as a kid. Our street cut off about a half a block down before, so there wasn’t any traffic. My brother and his friends used to play football in the street. In fact, there was a field right on the corner that had cows in it and sometimes this big old lovely bull would come up to the fence and let us pet him and feed him grass. For years it was just our neighborhood and the field there and more fields around the back of the houses.

But then I guess like starting in the ’90’s sometime developers started coming in. Our field on the corner was one of the first casualties to more housing. Now the neighborhood is expanded and there are no fields left. In its place our street has been punched through to a main street and there are a bunch of townhomes and other houses. I can’t really complain. I mean, where my house sits there was once a field too. I would be a hypocrite if I started complaining about neighborhood expansion, because our neighborhood was one of the first in the 1970’s.

Still, I do miss that field. I always liked to imagine that my parents would cave in and buy me a horse and that I could rent some land in the field to have my horse. (As if we could afford that!) I imagined myself riding my horse around the neighborhood and bringing it over for treats in our back yard. And in the mean time, before my horse came, I had the neighborhood cows and bulls to feed over the fence. Sometimes we would get really lucky and there would be horses to feed carrots to also! My brother would also tell me stories about how he and his friend Richard had climbed under the field fence and gone into the field only to be chased out by ferocious dogs! I would say: aren’t you afraid of those dogs?!? But he was never afraid. He wasn’t afraid of anything. Unlike me. I was afraid of everything! He was a daredevil I was a recluse. To this day it is the same thing. He jumps off cliffs and I hide in the house. Seriously, we couldn’t be more different. If we didn’t look a lot alike I would think we had different parents!

Well, that’s just some weird little story that popped out of my brain. It doesn’t have to do with anything. But, yeah, whatever. Hope you enjoy it! :)

3 thoughts on “Helmet Head

  1. Hi, Kristin
    Cute helmet and bear :0)
    I have been “citified” living on a busy road most of my life. I used to have a bike at my sister’s house, but I wiped out too many times and decided not to ride anymore.
    I have had some difficulty posting, so I hope you get my comment.
    Have a great afternoon
    Hugs, Jennie

  2. Hi Jennifer! Looks like your comment finally made it on here. Sorry you were having problems posting. WordPress has been having some issues lately. Thanks for hanging in there! Thanks for your post and compliments! Hope you have a good day! :) kristin

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