Wow! Woman Within Sale!

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I don’t know if anyone out there will get this in time or if you will care, but Woman Within is having a HUGE sale this weekend! Actually now thru Tuesday. In the plus size world spending $7 for a sweater is really unheard of, but they even have stuff lower. I think I got a DRESS for like $4.50! AND please use this code if you can: WW14053 because it will give you an extra 50% off all of the clearance items that you buy! So, this is even more amazing, because their super low low prices just got twice as low! You can seriously get pants and jackets for like $6 with this coupon. I got the coupon in an email and I’m pretty sure that other people can use it too. If it doesn’t work I can’t help you, but the sale is really awesome anyway. And, if my code doesn’t work, there is a code on the front page for 30% off. But really, try my code first. It should give you 50% off the CLEARANCE items. And please note, that is 50% off ONLY CLEARANCE items not regular priced items. I seriously saved a ton of money with this code plus the sale! Happy shopping!

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