Calling All Geeks And Haiku Fans

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Okay, this is a GREAT opportunity for all of you geeks out there! I know you are out there, so why don’t you stand up and be counted?!? Be proud of your geekiness. I know I am. Yes, I am a total geek and quite possibly a nerd as well. Well, if you haven’t been to you are going to have to check it out, because it is like a geek paradise! Right now they are running a Haiku contest and if your Geek Haiku is the best poem, then you will win a $50 gift certificate! 50 damn dollars! Suuuuweeeet! There are so many fun toys and distractions to buy at you will have no trouble spending the dough. If you can’t remember all of the rules for Haiku, don’t worry, they lay them all out at the above website. I’m going to have to try to think of something good. I really want to win that gift certificate! I think they have this contest every month, so don’t worry if it takes you awhile to come up with a good Haiku. Okay, good luck! Let me know if you win!

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