Fantastic Belts And Belt Buckles!

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Well, I hadn’t intended my blog to be only about fat things. hehe. I’ll get back to other stuff later. I just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY found a belt! I haven’t exactly been actively searching for one, but I can never find them to fit me UNTIL NOW! They also sell belts for regular size people. I found this great place online called and they actually sell belts that fit even ME! I haven’t worn a belt in I don’t know how many years. It is a nice black leather belt and what is cool about their belts is that you can put different buckles on them! I have never owned a belt where you can change the buckle. It is fun! They have so many buckles to choose from too! I bought a few different ones, including the Las Vegas buckle that is shown above. I thought it would be so funny to wear that Las Vegas buckle around. hehe.


They also sell plain belt buckles for a more subdued look. I might actually have to poke a few holes in my belt, because it is a bit BIG! Imagine that! THAT never happens. Yes, as you can tell I’ve been hit by the shopping bug lately. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could afford my habits! heh. Well, if you are at all interested in finding a good belt, a plus size belt or a belt buckle, you should check this site out. They also shipped everything really fast and everything is as it was described on their web page. Now if I could only find some boots that would fit my fat legs I could really be a cowgirl! hehe. ;)

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3 thoughts on “Fantastic Belts And Belt Buckles!

  1. Hi, Kristin,
    Love the Las Vegas belt! adorable
    I have a couple of belts but they haven’t fit me in a couple of years, lol
    I hang onto them “just in case”

    Have a great day

  2. Yah, I know about the just in case. I think I have a whole closet full of just in case clothes! haha. I should really clean out my closet. If they don’t fit me perfectly now I should just donate them! This gives me a great idea for another post. Thanks! Hope you have a great day too! :) k.

  3. I have that las vegas belt buckle. It looks cool but if you have a gut and sit down – it digs into your belly – lol

    My belt buckle looks like an old beer can pull tab. It has a bottle opener on it.
    There are also some cool stasher belt buckles that open up to hide things inside.

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