Chunky Dunk: Yah!

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Well, I mentioned the other day that I might try going to Chunky Dunk and I did end up going. It was so much fun! I actually started to feel like a regular human being! No one was there to make fun of anyone and everyone was so friendly and nice. Basically what it is is a private swimming party for people who are size positive. Everyone helps defray the cost of renting the pool by pitching in $5. There were a lot of fat people there, but there were also some nice skinny people or average sized people. There were some kids there who were really great. They didn’t make fun of anyone or cause any trouble. They were very nice and they appeared to be having a great time.

I wouldn’t say I really got too much actual swimming done, but I did float around for about two hours and it felt great! I absolutely love swimming and being in the water, but I don’t often go, because I hate being around other people where you can just feel their glaring looks of disgust and scorn and where people will actually stare or scream out mean things. I hate being the only fat person at the pool too, because then I stick out even more and it is just embarrassing. When I’m in the water I feel more safe, but it is still not fun like the Chunky Dunk.

Everybody pretty much did their own thing. Some people played water basketball, some people did cannonballs into the water, and most of us just floated around talking to other people. I didn’t know anyone there except for my teacher, but people were nice and talked to me anyway. I met another grrl who goes to my college and we chatted for awhile with a nice lesbian couple. It was a very queer-friendly event too. There were some trannies there who had scars from chest surgery and some other queer folks. There were Black people, white people, Asian people, etc.—all sorts of people. It was great to see everyone out having fun and being supportive of each other.

What was absent were the harsh judgments about others. No one was there looking down on anyone else or judging anyone for being too fat or ugly or gross. Every BODY type was there and we were all gorgeous in our own ways. I can’t wait to go to the next Chunky Dunk which is happening in about a month! I wish they had the Chunky Dunk every week, because I would totally be there!

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2 thoughts on “Chunky Dunk: Yah!

  1. Chunky Dunk sounds awesome……going to check out if there is something similar here in Australia……it will be cool if there is! * Fingers crossed!

  2. Yah. I hope you can find one, because it is so fun. You might try searching under size positive, fat acceptance organizations or something like that. And if you can’t find one? Maybe you could be the leader and create your own group? We have an organization in the US called National Association for Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). Do you have something like that? Maybe they can point you in the right direction. Or, I guess you’ll have to take a trip next summer to come visit me and we can go together here! hahaha.

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