Turtle Cuteness

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I got these two cute turtles today at the Starbucks near my house. I know, I shouldn’t support the evil empire, but I do anyway. Can I help it if Starbucks is taking over the world with their tasty concoctions? I mean, and don’t they give back and sell fair trade coffee and promote reading? Are we to hate them just because they are huge and EVERYWHERE? Maybe that is reason enough. I just don’t know. I like going to Starbucks, because the people there are friendly and helpful. I could go on this whole schpeel about how when I was depressed the only human contact I really had were the nice people at Starbucks in my neighborhood who sometimes gave me free drinks (until they were banned from doing so) and how they even helped me carry a table up to my apartment. In my old neighborhood they didn’t come in and destroy all the other coffee shops. There were still tons of neighborhood coffee shops too and the Starbucks just happened to be another neighbor. Yes, I literally lived right next door to a Starbucks at one time! It was great, because sometimes when I had my window open I could smell the brewing coffee. So, I don’t know. If you hate Starbucks, tell me why you hate them. Give me good reasons and maybe I’ll come to hate them too.

Until then, I have found these über-cute turtles at the Starbucks near my house. I thought you might like to see them since they are so cute. Starbucks actually has a line of Bearista Bears in case you didn’t know and sometimes they branch out into other small plush toys like these. I think these little plush things are supposed to go with the other turtle sippy cups and stuff that they have in the store.

Oh and my cat was so cute with the little red one. I had dropped the paper bag that I was carrying them in on the floor on my way inside the house, because I was just exhausted and needed to sit down. So the bag tipped over and the little red turtle was falling out a little. Well, later on my cat bumped into the bag and the red turtle jumped out at him, so he started to play with the turtle. It was adorable.

And, it was good to see him play with it, because Mr. Kiki man had a hard day today. He had to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. They put him under anesthesia and everything! They also had to shave off a bit of his fur on his leg. I’ll try to get a picture of it to show you how his fur is white underneath even though he is a black cat. It is quite strange.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you like the turtles! :)


5 thoughts on “Turtle Cuteness

  1. I have those same turtles. They are just the cutest things ever. I saw them and could not resist buying them. They were staring right at me. I look at them every day while I am at work and they make me smile.

  2. I actually go to starbuck’s every day, sometimes twice a day. Some days I even have a Starbuck’s coffee for dinner on the way home. What’s y’all’s favorite drink? Mine varies between regular Verona, vanilla latte or during holidays eggnog latte. For cold, it’s iced vanilla/raspberry latte. I don’t usually buy their products or eat their sandwiches/fruit cups (5-6 dollars is outrageous for a small sandwich or salad). I’ll eat their pastries,though. My favorite is the pound cake with the white icing. I don’t know the name of it. Or that lemon square thing.

  3. I don’t know what a Verona drink is…can you explain??? I love the eggnog latte! MMMmmm! The iced vanilla/raspberry latte sounds delicious! I’ve never had that one!!! I like the caramel macchiato, toffee nut latte, caramel or coffee frappachino and I LOVE their blended strawberry lemonade!!! Those are just a few of my favorites. :)

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