Lindsey’s Experience with Schizophrenia

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 Hey check out Lindsey’s vlog! Great to hear her story! :) She is also an amazing artist! Check out her art at

2 thoughts on “Lindsey’s Experience with Schizophrenia

  1. Can a traumatic experience bring on this illnes? are you born with it or does it slowly start to affect you after a certain age and you only slowly start to notice the symptoms. . . .How does it work?

  2. There is a genetic component to it, and usually people show their first extreme symptoms starting in their teens or twenties. Stress can aggravate the symptoms, but it really isn’t a disease of trauma so much as a biological/genetic condition that comes into fruition for some unknown reason. It may be because the brain goes through a pruning stage around the teens and early twenties and the symptoms come out because of that. No one really knows why it happens though. It might be something that develops in-utero.

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