Sculpey Dogs for My Psychiatrist!

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I am just getting into using Sculpey polymer clay, and I decided to make some sculptures of my psychiatrist’s dogs for him. These are them at two different angles! :)


4 thoughts on “Sculpey Dogs for My Psychiatrist!

  1. Your psychiatrist has dogs in his/her consulting room? Can you tell be more about that? I love dogs. I am starting a project about psychiatric patients having contact with dogs.

  2. Yes! Well, his dogs are in a different city at the moment, but usually he has his dogs lounging around the office and they come and sit with me while I talk to him. I like to pet them and they make me feel relaxed and happy. :)

  3. And actually another therapist in his office also has a dog that sits with patients. Hers is a small dog, but his are two large dogs (a boxer and a golden retriever). One time when I was an inpatient in a psych ward they had some big dogs come and visit and it really was the highlight of my time there too! I wish they had more pets used in psychiatry/psychology.

  4. Thanks for the info. I love dogs, and my dogs have certainly helped me. I hope my project will result in more mental health professionals involving their dogs or participating in doggy activities for patients. I will be training Dog/Handler Teams to visits psych hospitals and clinics, to do activities with patients. I am also planning Group Dog Walks for out-patients. I met a psychologist the other day who has been bringing her little poodle in to work since he was a puppy, and her patients love him. They have outings once a month, so I have suggested a “doggy outing”, maybe a picnic in the park with dogs, and opportunities to interact with the dogs and do a bit of informal training – simple things like showing the patients how to do a High-Five with the dogs. I think they’ll love it. We may also be able to do some research where we interview people about the importance of pets in their lives.

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