Notes on Schizophrenia: Probability/Social Aspects

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So, schizophrenia sounds like a really friggin’ scary deal, and, it kind of is, but the odds are that you probably will not develop it. Interestingly enough, schizophrenia effects about 1 percent of the population worldwide according to most statistics. There also seems to be little variation to the 1 percent figure. In other words, developing and developed countries seem to have the same rates of illness. It seems that there is not one place that has more or less of the disease.

Here are some other figures provided by, a charity dedicated to mental health research. The percentages below show the likelihood of acquiring the disease.:

General population: .6% – 1%
Brother or sister has schizophrenia: 6%
One parent has schizophrenia: 6% – 8 %
Fraternal twin has schizophrenia: 10%
Both parents have schizophrenia: 39 – 46%
Identical twin has schizophrenia: 50%
One grandparent has schizophrenia: 4%

(* )

These figures are pretty much the same as most other organizations report.

Of course, just knowing someone with the disease does NOT increase your likelihood of developing the disease at all. And, if anyone needed friendship, it would certainly have to be schizophrenic people. People with the illness are often isolated by their disease and live life quite alone and removed from social situations. Sometimes the isolation is self-inflicted, because people with schizophrenia are too paranoid or have too much anxiety to be around other people. Often times people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses tragically lose friends and loved ones, because of misunderstandings and misinformation about the diseases, or simply because it is sometimes very difficult to be a friend or loved one to someone who is actively sick.

However, being a part of a community of friends and developing a social network, as for anyone, can have great benefits for the person with mental illness.

And, if you are afraid of schizophrenic people and fear that they will harm you, time to put those fears to rest. Statistically speaking, a schizophrenic person is MUCH MORE LIKELY to be the victim of violence than to be the perpetrator of violence. Despite the popular media’s depiction of schizophrenic people as crazed killers, schizophrenic people are not likely to cause anyone other than themselves harm. Also, most people are more likely to be harmed by “regular” people than schizophrenics, so if you are going to be watching out for anyone to bring out a machete, watch out for the people who DON’T have psychosis!

More notes on schizophrenia later. :)

7 thoughts on “Notes on Schizophrenia: Probability/Social Aspects

  1. Kristen is right, I was considered dangerous by some people but I was much more harmful to myself.
    Better now.
    -Paranoid schizophrenic

  2. I’ve been schizophrenic well officially on meds and all for bout 3 years now………..I don’t have any friends, I haven’t had friends for years. I dragon boat but though I’ll talk to people on my team I more often then not am just sitting alone…..I feel so hopeless on my prospects of making friends, so when I actually am suicidal I’m more suicidal then some schizophrenics………I’m definately going to kill myself it’s just a matter of when and how.

  3. what kind of life is it that I’m living not having friends or family like this for years like this? I’m just here right now. Nothings getting better, nothing is going to get better, nothings gotten better………..I won’t kill myself cause I exactly want to die so much as my lack of hope is so intense….there’s no way for things to get better…..there’s only killing myself and leaving………either I stay and suffer, or I leave this earth! I’ll dragon boat tonight and I enjoy dragon boating I’ll have a good time of it……..but I’m just here. this is no life! This isn’t living!

  4. Hey there! I do understand. I’ve not had many friends in my life either and it is hard! Do you want to be friends with me? Do you want to join Facebook? We could get to know each other more…maybe play some computer games? Most of my friends are online friends too. Please don’t kill yourself. I think it is cool that you dragon boat! Sounds fun! I love being on the water too! I’m going to write to your email too.

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