Time To Come Clean

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extreme house

Okay, there is something that I haven’t wanted to admit to anyone. Only my family knows about this. It is my dark secret and I don’t know how to stop! I can’t stop watching ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover show and every time I watch it I cry like a little baby! I mean, I just sob! The families are always so deserving and they have been through so much and the sound bytes they have are the most heart-wrenching stuff you will ever hear! I don’t cry very often and I really am not a cry baby, but this show repeatedly brings me to tears. I am not the only one! My mom and I sit in the family room and watch it sobbing together! And, even though my dad tries to hide it, I can see him crying too! I don’t know how people can watch that show without crying buckets of tears!!! Do the producers know how much they make us cry???

It is pretty hilarious, but I still have no idea why I can’t stop it. I try not to cry. I’m like “this is only a TV show! I don’t even know these people!” But it doesn’t matter, because 2 minutes into the TV show I’ll be sobbing! If you don’t know what the show is, basically they take a family that is in complete need of a new house. They tear down their old house and rebuild a new 100 times more fabulous house in its position! They often donate mortgages, cars and large sums of money to people as well.

It is just amazing, and I know I’m a total sucker, but this show just gets me every time!

One thought on “Time To Come Clean

  1. I know exactly what you mean…i was watchin one of these Extreme Makeover episode and it was about this really overweight girl that was living in an poor neighbourhood (her family of 11 had to sleep in one room) and her dad lost his job…i already had the tissues out at that point…the show help her go into weight loss camp so that she could set a good example for the family, at the end she received a schloarship for Missy Elliot for a private school, her dad was given a new job, she slimmed down to her healthy BMI and her whole family had a new place to live rent free for the year……..i was bawling like a baby and my parents just shook their heads…ARRRGHH they so dont understand *sob*

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