Hummingbird Lost His Way

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I just wanted to share these photos that my mom took of the hummingbird that has taken up residence outside near our yard somewhere. They are supposed to fly South for the Winter, but apparently this bird feels comfortable in our back yard, because we provide it with hummingbird water and bird food. Or maybe it just hasn’t gotten around to flying South yet. For whatever reason this little bird is still visiting us. It is a very special occasion when we actually see him at the feeder and we all ooohh and aaahhh at the window when he shows up. My mom was fast with the camera this day to get these shots. Those suckers are fast!





One thought on “Hummingbird Lost His Way

  1. Wow….so beautiful and serene….its nice that you have time to take a break and enjoy nature’s best. How are you enjoying your experience as video
    reporter for Hope you have been free from stomach aches for the last few days….i’ll have the phone ready next time you need the ambulance :P Glad you survived! **HUGS**

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