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Okay, I’ve been reading The Slog a lot lately. If you don’t know The Slog is the public blog for The Stranger. The Stranger is an alternative-type newspaper in Seattle. Now The Stranger has offshoots like The Portland Mercury. I don’t know who owns what or whatever, so you can google that if you are interested. I started reading The Stranger in 1992 I guess, when I moved up to Seattle. I’m pretty sure at that time it only came out once a week…I think it was on Wednesdays. I don’t know how often it comes out now. Well, the main reason I and most people ever read The Stranger was to read “Savage Love” by Dan Savage. “Savage Love” is Dan’s sex advice column where he gives lot of terrific and uncensored sex advice to people. I don’t imagine that there has ever been a question that hasn’t been asked. Way back in the day my gay roommate boy friend (not boyfriend) and I wrote to Dan, and he actually replied to us! Well, that was amazing to me and as if I wasn’t already hooked on Dan, well, that did it for me. So, over the years I’ve been trying to read “Savage Love” as much as possible. I have to admit I have missed a lot of them, but just in case I can’t get enough, I can always read one of Dan’s books! He is now pretty famous I would say, but he still takes the time to write “Savage Love” which is just cool if you ask me. No one else could do it really. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.

ANYWAY, I was checking out “Savage Love” on The Stranger‘s website and I ran into this thing called The Slog. I don’t know if it stands for Seattle Blog or Stranger Blog or Savage Blog or something else. A whole bunch of people write stories for The Slog and there are lively amounts of reader comments. So, lately I’ve found myself addicted to slogging. It is just plain old fun. The stories are fun and often quite humorous and now they have this feature with a guy they have dubbed the PUBLIC INTERN! Basically, people write in and ask him to do favors around the city and he does them. He went ghost hunting, he worked in someone’s yard, he got someone a refund check that they were owed, he posted “pick up your dog poop” signs and now he is collecting phone books that people don’t want and he is going to deliver them to Qwest or whoever sends them out, because everyone on the slog has decided that they are a waste.

Well, I just love the Public Intern. He’s such a cute kid! Very smiley and he seems sweet and smart. So now I’m just waiting until they have Public Intern merchandise. His stories are just great, so you should definitely check them out. Just go to The Stranger site and search for Public Intern and you’ll find the stories.

What was the point of my story again? No point really. I was just letting you all know I’m addicted to The Slog and I don’t even live in Seattle!!! heh. So, yeah, you should totally check them out if you haven’t already, because they are awesome up there in the Emerald City!!! I sort of feel a bit guilty, because I think the Portland Mercury has a blog too…what is it? The Plog? Well, I never read that one. Maybe I should start. So far I’m only addicted to The Slog. Let me know what you think of it too. Some of the stories are sort of only for local people, but some are less region specific. At least check out the Public Intern, because he is awesome! (His name is Steven Blum by the way).

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