Starbucks Thrive Bears

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3 sport bears

Ahh! I have more cute bears to show you. I am going to be putting up a lot of bears from my collection on here, just because I want to have photos of all of my bears. I know, it will probably bore you to death unless you like cute bears! And, I hope you do enjoy seeing the bears. Maybe later I will take a poll to see which bears everyone likes the best. :) Click the rest to see more photos:


These three bears are from maybe a year ago or so. They are part of the Thrive collection. There is the Yoga Bear, the Soccer Bear and the Cycling Bear. They are all very sporty and athletic, so I thought I’d photograph them together.

soccer bear

As you can see the Cycling or Bike Bear is sporting a bike helmet, bike shoes, bike pants and a bike shirt. The only thing he is missing is the bike! Oh well.

The Soccer Bear is finely attired with a soccer jersey, soccer shorts and some nice soccer shoes. He is just missing a ball. I guess you supply your own!

yoga bear front

And last but not least is the Yoga Bear. I took a photo of the front and back of this bear, because the back has something special: the bear has a yoga mat! It actually comes out and unrolls, so your bear can get some exercise! And of course the bear has regulation yoga pants and a nice t-shirt for stretching! That’s all I can think to say! I hope you enjoy these photos of the bears! More to come…

yoga bear back

5 thoughts on “Starbucks Thrive Bears

  1. Great bear pictures – I love the Yoga Bear with his special mat that all Yoga participants have whenever they are practicing their yoga moves. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you izzybear! I just uploaded some new bear pics if you happen to check back on this comment. I don’t really know how to get in touch with you! :) hugs k.

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