Tragic Bridge Collapse!

Bridge, Collapse, Dead, Engineering, Injured, Kristin Bell, Lame-assness, Minnesota, People, Safety, US Gov't vs Lame-assness, US Government, Video

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch this video of the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota. What a horrible situation! What is even more lame-ass is that the collapse of the bridge wasn’t surprising to engineers! Read more here from the Chicago Tribune. Apparently we do have enough money to spend billions of dollars fighting a war in Iraq, but not enough money or time to take care of the bridges in this country to make sure they are at the very least SAFE for people to cross them! US government= zero. Lame-assness = one. I think I’ll begin to count in the game between the US government and Lame-assness. Let’s see if the US government can beat Lame-assness. Ready? Go!

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