Love Thy Self

August 3, 2007 at 2:44 pm | Posted in Fat, Fun, Glasses, Goofy, Humor, Kiss, Kristin Bell, Mac, PhotoBooth, Self | 3 Comments

self love

What is this a picture of? Two girls kissing? Twins kissing? NO! It is me kissing myself! Ah, the self love involved in this kind of act! I just think it looks really weird. A) I’ve never seen a photo of myself kissing and B) I’ve never seen myself kissing myself! haha. Everyone who owns a newer Mac computer with Photobooth on it can make themselves this photo or you could just do it with Photoshop magic! I just thought it was kinda funny, so I thought I’d share!


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  1. i dig the glasses, and the bags.

  2. Bangs, that is. i can type, yo!

  3. haha. Thanks Col! You rock! :)

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