The Bear Shelves

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Hi Everybody! I just wanted to show you all a photo of my bears. I didn’t quite get them all in this one photograph, but I’ll be taking more later. I have quite a large bear collection. Most of them are Starbucks bears, but a lot of them are hidden on the bottom outside of the picture frame. I’ll probably be taking individual snapshots of all of my bears and posting the portraits on here when I get a chance. I don’t really know why I started collecting the bears. I just thought they were cute and Starbucks kept coming out with all of these cute bears that are dressed up in outfits and I couldn’t let them stay in the store, so I brought them home with me! Also, my grandmother (I called her Nana) used to have a bear collection when she was alive, so I feel kind of bonded with her through the love of stuffed bears. I guess that is about all for now. I hope you enjoy the photo! Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “The Bear Shelves

  1. Aww! These bears are so cute. I collect stuffed elephants, which is funny because I think real-life elephants are really ugly! My sister collects pigs, and every year my mom would get her a stuffed pig for Christmas but she never knew what to get me. One year, she got me an elephant and announced, “Kelly, you’re collecting elephants.” Ok, mom! (I now have over 50 :) )

  2. Wow! 50 elephants! That is awesome! I love elephants both real and stuffed. That is pretty funny how you started your collection! hehe. Thanks for stopping by! :) kristin

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