Why People Hate Queers: No Idea!

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same sex kiss

I don’t understand why people hate each other for stupid things like whether or not someone has sex with someone of the same sex. Who really cares? Why do homophobic people get all up in arms and flail about saying it is disgusting and wrong? It is neither disgusting nor wrong. Well, I mean sex between two non-consenting people can be disgusting and wrong, but sex between two consenting adults…there’s nothing wrong with that!

Self confession: I am a straight woman—at least so far. And sometimes I feel like if I want to have a sexual and emotional relationship with a man I have to settle for putting up with homophobia! So many straight people have issues with homo-queerness that it is unbelievable. It is almost like the only people who are queer positive are queer, and that is so wrong! Maybe I should just start calling myself and identifying myself as queer, because straight does not seem to fit. I’m not straight like: I hate queers straight. I see nothing wrong with queerness. Sometimes I have issues with female to male transsexuals who turn into anti-feminist misogynist pigs, but other than that, why is it even my business who someone is sleeping with if they aren’t sleeping with me?

Maybe straight people are just afraid of their own queerness. As if it is contagious! Come on! I don’t expect queer people to feel sorry for me or anything. My inconveniences pale in comparison to actually bearing the brunt of being queer in a homophobic world. I guess I just need to wake up to how much the world does hate queer people and even allies of queer people. It just always shocks me. Even with Matthew Shepard and everything, the hate against queers is unbelievable to me. I know it happens and yet I don’t totally get it somehow. I guess because I don’t understand why people would hate someone who is queer. It is like hating someone who wears brown shoes or something. It makes no sense to me. Sometimes I even like to be sexually ambiguous just so people might think I’m queer. I like to see how they react. Usually people don’t even ask how I identify myself or what my sexual orientation is, so I guess other people are already assuming things for themselves.

I wonder if I should even identify myself as straight even if I “technically” am straight. In a lot of ways I am queer I think…like in my politics and stuff, but whatever. I can’t type right now, because I’m really…aggravated. Maybe I’ll go to the Chunky Dunk and all of my worries will float away!

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