Elyn Saks TED Talk About Her Schizophrenia

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2 thoughts on “Elyn Saks TED Talk About Her Schizophrenia

  1. very thought provoking , I hope You were never restrained , sounds absolutely horrific. It’s so scary to think that people suffer every day. If there was a pill to cure her instantly she would take it . . . . . How do You feel about that? It is amazing that she is still able to succeed at such a high level and that intellectual stimulation helps keep the “demons” away. Is that why you are studying such advanced subjects , does it help when you keep your mind focused on other things. It is really hard to comprehend what it must be like to live with and experience this illness.

  2. Actually, I have been in restraints too, although I don’t really feel they were needed, even now, looking back. I would totally take a pill to cure it if I could. I think people are deluded when they think that mental illness has positive aspects. People think that if you take away the mental illness, then you wouldn’t have creativity or introspection, but that is not even true. Mental illness makes you sick. If you are truly ill it is nothing but a hinderance. It is like if someone was missing a leg. Sure, you learn things about life and people by not having a leg, but why would you want only one leg if you could have two?!? Keeping busy with school does help me when I don’t get too anxious. It makes me feel more like a regular person and it keeps my mind occupied.

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