Yellow-Backed Calculus Pillow

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Calculus Pillow

I just finished making my yellow-backed Calculus pillow. It has soft fleece on the back and my Calculus fabric that I made on the front. Here is the link for the Calc Fabric: It took a lot of stuffing to fill it, and I probably should have made it with an insert instead of filling, but meh! I love it anyway! Should help me get comfy when I need to do my Calc homework! haha. And yes, it is made from actual Calculus homework! :) Yay!!!

5 thoughts on “Yellow-Backed Calculus Pillow

  1. Thats so cool , so when i cant sleep at night (which is not that uncommom) I can do calculus , and it looks really stylish. so it covers both form & funtion! Wow Kristin you are a genius.

  2. Wow! thats really good , so when I cant sleep at night (which is not uncommon) I can do some calculus , and it looks very stylish. It has form and fuction , Kristin you are a genius!

  3. hehe That is great! If I knew how to make a shirt, I would totally make one myself! :) What a delightful gift!!! And thank you for the compliment! :)

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