More New Fabrics I Drew!

May 24, 2012 at 3:47 am | Posted in Art, arts & crafts, Colorful, craft, Cute, design, design your own fabric, fabric, fabric design, Fat, Fat Acceptance, flower, Flowers, Handmade, Illustrated, iPad Art, Kawaii, Kids, Kristin Bell, Pink, quilt, quilting, sewing, The Night Circus | 3 Comments

Here are some more of my fabrics that I’ve drawn and gotten printed through spoonflower. :)

Purple Pineapples for Chille

Ode to “The Night Circus” Flowers

Updated “Celia” from “The Night Circus”

Fat Fairies


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  1. Wow Kristin , this are really good, you are really creative and artistic. Where do you get your inspiration from?

  2. Thanks so much! Actually, the inspiration for the striped fabric came from a book I read called “The Night Circus.” It was a really good book! :) A little boy named Chille inspired the purple pineapples for various reasons and the fat fairies just popped into my head! lol

  3. Lol!! Fat fairies just popped into your head , i want what your on !! lol.

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