Kiki at CafePress: Yay or Nay?

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cafekikitricolor72Well, I just opened up a cafepress store apparently. heh.

I wanted to share my Kiki images with the world! Actually, I was looking at Hello Kitty flip video cameras and then I found out that I could design my own, so I designed one with Kiki on it. Then at the end it asked me if I wanted to open a cafepress store with my design, and I thought: what the heck! Why not? I don’t think people will really be interested in buying my design with Kiki. They probably want their own cat on their own camera if they are getting one. But, if anyone wants a flip camera with Kiki on it, feel free to buy it from my cafepress store! I get a small part of the sale. It would of course be great to earn some mula! I hope you don’t think I’m a greedy, evil sell-out or anything!

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