Where There’s Snow There’s Ice!

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A few more snow pics to share…actually some ice too!


It seems we can’t ever just get snow. Eventually we end up getting ice and ice rain and it makes a huge mess of things. If people only had to drive in the snow that would be one thing, but the ice is impossible. They actually have to close freeways and bridges around here when it gets too bad. If you are wondering why your packages are late or your friends and family can’t fly out of the Northwest, then one look at the ice-covered leaves might give you a clue! Even when people are driving carefully it becomes nearly impossible to stop a car on ice-covered streets! And, actually, that is why everyone freaks out about the winter weather around here and why you’ll hear stories of school cancellations with a trace of snow on the ground! hehe. Yes, it is true. Everything pretty much starts to shut down with even a bit of fluffy snow, because we all know that where there’s snow there’s bound to be ice! Not only does the ice cause mayhem for drivers, but it is heavy on tree branches and tree limbs begin to snap and break off. Sometimes the limbs hit powerlines or sometimes the powerlines and phone lines are so laden with ice themselves that they crack and fall down too! Oh yah, and forget about trying to open a locked car door when it is icy! Grrr. They do have de-icers you can spray into the locks, or another trick is to light your key with a match. Sometimes dumping warm water on the lock will work, but sometimes it just freezes too fast and your lock becomes even more frozen!

Still, it is beautiful and fun as long as we have electricity and as long as we don’t really need to be anywhere on time!



The above photos are bird footprints in the snow! Weird!

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