A New Superstar: ISSA

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Hey Everybody!

I wanted to let you all know about my friend, Issa. Issa and I worked together in the computer labs at school for years and he is an awesome guy with a lot of ambition and talent. He’s been pursuing his music dreams and is about to hit it big! His music has been compared to Justin Timberlake with a hip-hop vibe and he also has an international flare! He’s from Senegal and speaks a number of languages, including French and English, so he pretty much can tap into the African, European and American markets!

I hope you can check him out. He’s been performing a lot lately, especially in Portland. He is even on the BET website! I really hope all of Issa’s dreams come true, because he totally deserves it! He’s a total suave guy who is a sweetheart to everyone! Check him out at www.issamusic.com!


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