Music Interlude: In Case You Missed It

Caramel, Cover, Kristin Bell, Singing, Song, Suzanne Vega

Well, I just thought I’d post this song that I sang. I felt kind of awkward singing to the camera, so please forgive the closed eyes! heh. It is my rendition of Suzanne Vega’s song Caramel. Thank you for listening. I hope you like it.

One thought on “Music Interlude: In Case You Missed It

  1. Hey girl, I just want to say You are my hero, I think you are truely brave and I give you the up most respect for sharing your story, I think you sing good you go girl, I would like to ask for your help, I am 100%sure my mom has schizophrenia, she thinks the family is against her always especially her kids. she gets these episodes where she thinks her neighbors are out to get her ,she puts blankets up to all her windows at night, she leaves every light and tv going in the house when she leaves to go some where, she has moved at least once every year, since I was a child, I am really tired of seeing her suffer, I don’t know how to get her help because she is in deep denial . Do you have any suggestions please let me know. She is getting worse every minute

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