Bookworms Rejoice!

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Okay, this post is for all of you bookworms out there! If you don’t know about this site, then here it is, the greatest website in the world for bookworms:! I was looking on someone else’s blog when I found a link to this website. Long story short, it is like YouTube for books! It allows you to catalog all of your books online complete with descriptions, call numbers, pictures of the covers and all sorts of bibliophile information to make your mouth water! You can make your library public or private, so if you don’t feel like sharing, then you have an option! You can also connect up with other people who share your interest in books or other activities through directly connecting or groups.

And, you don’t have to enter the books you have if you don’t want to. You could enter the books you want or some other combo. It is all up to you. But, if you have been looking for that dream software to catalog all of your books with, this is it! If the site ever goes up in flames, all you need to do is export your data to a file like excel or something. It literally takes 2 seconds! You can also print out a copy of all of your books or upload data from a program that you already have been using!

So, what about the cost? Free for up to 200 books. After that it is $10 for one year or $25 for a lifetime! Are you kidding me? $25 for a lifetime? That is friggin’ AWESOME! This site is worth its weight in gold I tell ya! It utilizes the best of internet technology to search through databases around the world to match your books, so you have to do very little typing. Most books are just there—bada bing! The only book I haven’t been able to find yet is this weird Finnish book that I have that is quite obscure. And, I think I can just enter that by hand or something.

I have tried other library cataloging software and tried using Excel and stuff like that, but that is all too much work and not updated with the latest information. Plus, every time you change software and the book cataloging software doesn’t update, you are basically screwed!

This internet site and the software really is fantastic. If you love books and you want to catalog your library, you will love this site! If you are a bibliophile in anyway, I know you are going to just salivate. Prepare yourself for the love!

Again, this site is!

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