So, you want to know about me? Well, let’s see. I keep starting blogs trying to figure out the best way to go about doing them. I really love WordPress and I think I’m going to be doing most of my blogging from here from now on. I am a professional college student which means I have been in college far too long. Part of the reason why I’m still in college is because I have a few difficulties because I have schizophrenia. I’m doing well now that I’m on medication and life is just great most days. My life has been utterly transformed and changed for the better because of modern medicine, my fabulous doctor, a great therapist and my terrific, loving, supportive family (and cats)! I live in the Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon in the United States. I do vlogging on YouTube sometimes. Oh, I adore Hello Kitty and all things cute, especially if they are related to animals in some way. I used to be a vegetarian, but I fell off the wagon and now I eat meat although if I really had to kill an animal myself I don’t think I could do it. I tend to be somewhat opinionated and stubborn, but I’m still a fairly nice person if you aren’t mean to me! :) Well, I guess that is about all. Please feel free to visit my other sites and take a look around. If you want to, you can always email me too!

Feel free to contact me via email or snail mail. Here is the info.:


Kristin Bell
PO Box 822735
Vancouver, WA 98682

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  1. Hi Kristin

    I stumbled upon you on youtube, checked your profile and found your site! Officially I have bipolar disorder, but have had differing opinions from different psychiatrists. I think mental illness is definitely genetic and think bipolar and schizophrenia are related. Sometimes I think I might be schizophrenic but wont say anything to the doctor because in the UK a person can be locked away without having done anything if they have schizophrenia! I’ll tell you more later if you want to now.

    I have two cousins on my fathers side that are permanently hospitalised with schizophrenia. My father had erratic moods, was written off as an eccentric but brilliant intellectual and he committed suicide.

    Your site gives people like me hope. My life is very normal for a person who has attempted suicide several times and I am grateful for those who care.

    I would love to correspond with you if you have the time. I live in Glasgow Scotland UK.


  2. i saw your video blog you are quite interesting and i like the fact you are from wa. state i am moving to olympia next year actually from ky, and i believe our country needs to put some more resources in mental illness in this country

  3. I am amazed! Honest blogging, Hello Kitty, no dancing around schizophrenia and great writing?! This is a great web log! Well done!

  4. Hi there Kristen, you really are something that is filled with uplifting emotion, I found it hard to belive, that I went on your youtube channel, and for the year 2010, you wished us all a happy new year, now to think of that, do u know anyone who would send out something as warmed hearted as that, even the christmas festive season of 2009, you wished us all a happy and safe christmas, God bless you kristin, – (god loves u) YOU REALLY ARE SPECIAL.

  5. Kristen,
    This is the first time I have ever left a message to someone I don’t know but I feel like I kinda know you…so anyway…I had an injury back in July 09 I no longer work so I spend alot of time on the computer..I am new to youtube ..I just wanted to say I think you are the most compassionate person with a big heart…very special and you really have a gifted voice. Have you ever thought that you may have a destiny or a purpose…spiritually speaking. With all you have been through with your own life experiences & challenges…you are a role model for others and can reach other people and can very well make a difference in other peoples lives….through the internet. After watching all your videos I felt compelled to tell you how special u r…I have been studing the bible since my I will keep u in my prayers.

  6. Sorry, I was inserting ..and the first page automatically was sent. I was saying I have been studing the bible since my injury and have learned that God created me and wanted me no one has the same DNA like me nor has my finger prints we are all unique individuals and we are all different. He loves all his children. My accident has made me closer with God & I look at things in a different light I have realized there are reasons for things that bring us to different places in our lives ..I guess were we are suppose to be. Take care, I will keep u in my prayers..
    Sincerly Your Friend, Donna

  7. Kristen I just went through something very “tough” I had to go through a review of my pshychiatric condition because I lost my check from Soc Sec. so i went to my doc tor he dictated my mental status which made cry because there was alot i didn’t know about my multiple diagnoses so i go down to the Soc Sec office (i’m high functioning Schizophrenic) so i HAD to play my illness like i was worse than i actually was. Even though i’m high functioning. So the whole process took me out of my “comfort zone” of trying to be “normal” I was so anxious through all of this…. I don’t want to to look negatively at myself and I do take care of myself great Docs, Good medicine that I really respond to well but it was soo hard to go through the Soc Sec review……..Any Thoughts Kristen?

  8. Hi Scott, Oh dear. What a horrible experience that must have been. I can totally understand your fear and anxiety. A lot of people do not understand how people can have schizophrenia and not function well in work environments, but still be functioning well generally…with the proper care and vigilance. It is work to stay relatively stable with this disease. Having to find full-time employment and deal with the stresses and obstacles involved in work can really destabilize people. All I can say is: hang in there. If your Soc. Sec. is taken away, you’ll need to appeal the decision somehow. People who are “high functioning” are sometimes in a terrible bind, because if you don’t “LOOK LIKE A MENTAL BASKETCASE” then they think you can’t have any problems or that you can function perfectly normally. Try to take things as they come and don’t worry about things until they happen. And, in hearing about your diagnosis…well, it is hard to really wrap your head around. It sounds truly awful when you hear it from a doctor, but just remember you are dealing with it and you are doing okay. Good luck. I wish I could help. Just know that you aren’t alone and that you can get through it all. Write any time.

  9. Got my check started again temporarily until my appeal comes through sooooo I’m having a GREAT DAY How are you doing kristen?

  10. Oh, terrific news! I’m doing just great! The weather is great…some days nice and rainy and some days nice and sunny, but not too hot! My cats are keeping me company. I’m getting little bits of things accomplished almost everyday, so I’m feeling good! :) Are you in the USA???

  11. yes i sent you a pic years ago u said i was cute lol i don’t know if you remember me but I live in “hot and humid” Alabama lol good to speak to you again…..I’m sorry about KiKi my cat died in 2006 his name was Boo. So I know how it is to lose a “friend” or “family” member. Hope that you do a good job on that television interview….:0)

  12. Hi Kristin,

    Your site is inspiring to me. I had early onset schizophrenia when I was about sixteen. I’m also doing well on medication, and have almost recovered from all symptoms with the help of psychiatrists and therapy. It’s hard to not feel alone sometimes, but your open-ness really gives me hope. I’ve read on schizophrenia.com that they’re predicting a cure within ten years. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine the more research we put towards this brain disorder, the more likely we’ll find one. I wonder if it is genetic, in some ways, because I have family members who also struggle with depression or schizophrenia. Good luck with your blog and all the best.

  13. Thanks gabzgrl! I appreciate your kind words. It would be totally great if there was ever a cure! After I read your comment I had this moment when I thought what the world would be like if there was a cure and if they could even cure people who already had it, like you and me! That thought really blew my mind! As much as I know that I have recovered, there are things that I can’t control.

  14. Thank you! You can subscribe either in an email edition or with a web reader thing with links on the home page. Let me know if you need help! I’m honored. :)

  15. You’re such an amazing person! Truly. Truly. Truly.

    And, btw, I’m glad I’m not the ONLY one who’s a “professional college student.” : ) I’ve been struggling with so many mental health related issues, and it’s been greatly affecting my ability to attend school on most days. Right now I’m on a “leave of absence” from school, because I’m dealing with suicidality, severe depression, and bulimia.

    I wish I could be as strong as you! I know it takes a while to overcome certain issues, but I’m one of those people who wants instant gratification : )


  16. hello.. i found your website through schizophrenia.com im diagnose with paranoid schizophrenia.. i feel so alone most of the time and have a hard trouble trusting people.. you should be proud of yourself going back to collage.. i too will probably have to go back to collage.. got asked to leave.. basically expelled from collage cause they couldnt handle me ):
    i wish my psychiatrist had pets too all mine has is shelfs of books./
    i saw some of your cards i really like them (: i too do a lot of art i find it calms me.. i hope youre doing ok!

  17. btw kristin dont worry about those people on youtube who said youre fat. i think youre very beautiful!

  18. Dear Kristin,

    Thank you for posting the reading from American Fascists. I had googled AF, and came across your site. Just read the book and am happy to find like-minded people. God bless you in your work and in your life! It is really heartening to come across someone who is willing to put herself out there with honesty and integrity.

  19. Namaste,

    I follow your videos you put up on Youtube and find so many similarities between us. I am wondering if artistic automatically means mental illness? I don’t even like using the word mentally ill because it doesn’t really explain me. I’ve written a book about when I accepted and faced my multiple conditions. I think that is why I relate with you. I no longer try to hide me. After so many years of trying to fake who I thought people wanted me to be it caught up with me. Talk about a psychosis on a whole nuther level. Funny how the brain has a mind of it’s own. It is nice to relate with another who doesn’t judge. It’s a comfortable feeling to find out that there are others who are struggling like me and it inspires me to keep up my medicine maintenance as well as all therapy sessions. Thanks for unknowingly inspiring someone who needs to know it’s alright on occasions.

    shawn hunley

  20. Hi
    I am making an educational video about BPD (borderline) to reduce stigma I read a study where they showed that including the biological causes & the treatments available for the disorder was the most effective in educating the public & reducing stigma.I have the treatment part sorted but my knowledge of neuroscience is quite poor,I was wondering if you would like to help me out,it probably will just be simpliying neurscience so that the public can understand a summary of the recent brain science for BPD.I hope to update Wikipedia as well to reach more people but writing in Wikipedia required more knowledge & understanding of the subject which I don’t have.

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