My New Job!

2017, disability, employment, kiwanis camp, summer camp


Hi everyone! I’m so excited, because I got a new part-time job, and I’m loving it so far. I’m the Social Media Manager for the Portland State Kiwanis Camp Capstone program. The Kiwanis Camp is a camp in the Mt. Hood National Forest for people/kids with disabilities. The program usually has a 1:1 camper, counselor ratio, and the campers get to do all sorts of fun things no matter what their disability is. The Portland State University component is a program where PSU students can serve as camp counselors to fulfill part of their university requirements. My job is to post blog and Facebook posts for the PSU program. You can check out my first post here: And here is the PSU Kiwanis Capstone Blog and the Kiwanis Camp website. Our Facebook page is: I like that I get to learn and report about disability-related items. I think this will be a great learning adventure! I hope I don’t mess up!

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