Zoey Kitty’s X-Rays!

2012, abdomen, Cat Break, Cat Stories, cat x-ray, Cats, feline, Kitties, Kitty, Kristin Bell, lateral, vet, vetrinarian, x-ray, x-rays

A few weeks ago, my baby Zoey kitten had to go to the vet, because she was really sick. It turned out to be something like the flu. She had to get subcutaneous water packs and stuff, and they had to do x-rays to rule stuff out. Well, they gave me the disc with her x-rays on it, so I have her x-ray pictures to post! Pretty interesting to see! She’s doing fine now and you can see her in the last pic helping me read my book! :) Click the images for a larger viewing! :) Oh! I just noticed! In the upper left of the second image you can see her microchip!!! lol Cool!

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