Bed Dreaming…

Bedding, Bedroom, Cat Break, Colorful, Cute, Kristin Bell, PBTeen

Just wanted to share some photos I took of my bed and my kitten, Zoey. I get a lot of stuff from and I like to mix and match stuff. My mom made the yellow blanket. I hope you enjoy! Time for some ZzzZzzzz’s! hehe :)

3 thoughts on “Bed Dreaming…

  1. your hair is beautiful.
    your face is cute.
    your body is beautiful.
    your life is now started.
    you going to hair dye soon.
    you haven’t done anything bad.
    will care when you gone to happy.
    It doesn’t batter.
    None of us matter in the envy of tie.
    May some people will matter for a while.
    But knot me.
    Here’s hat they can say about me:
    She was hat her whole life and took up too mashroom.

    I love you kristin 

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