It’s A GirlzLyfe Thing!

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I just wanted to tell you guys about this cute website that I found! If you are into Kawaii and cute stuff, read on. If not, sorry to bore you! :) They have all sorts of goodies for sale and a lot of cute handmade stuff! I got a couple of bracelets and some earrings and a couple of cute rings from them as well! Spending thousands of dollars? OH HECK NO! These treats are reasonably priced and so so adorable for the kid in all of us (or just for kids)! I’m including pics of my two bracelets. For more cuteness, click on this GirlzLyfe link and have fun! :)



2 thoughts on “It’s A GirlzLyfe Thing!

  1. i found you on salted lithium’s link list. thank you for sharing this website! i just spent like a half hour on it. i want EVERYthing on it. the pb&j earrings? are you kidding me? adorable.

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