Pink Knit Hat With Tassles! Yay!

Cold Weather, Fashion, Function, Knit Hat, Mom, Pink, Tassles with Bobbles


I just wanted to show off this great hat that my mom just finished knitting for me. Isn’t it cute? The color is a tiny bit washed out in this photo, but it is pink with grey checks and it has three tassles—two pink with grey bobbles on the end and one grey with a pink bobble on the end! My mom is so amazing and sweet! I helped her design the hat by suggesting the tassles with bobbles and picking out the colors, but she made it all happen! Yay! I’m so excited!!! What a great new hat, and perfect for this cold weather we are having. :) Knowing my mom made it with love makes it all the more warm and toasty!

4 thoughts on “Pink Knit Hat With Tassles! Yay!

  1. hello i am from saudi arabia

    20 years old

    i watch you video i lovet

    i love you you the past

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