Gross Me Out!

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Yes, gross me out and gag me with a spoon. I really should have photos for this, but I was so grossed out I just wanted to get away from it. I am starting to feel like I should never go out to eat anymore. At least not at any fast food place. But, I never like to cook. My parents offered to go to KFC. I don’t really like KFC, but what the hell. They have these chicken wrap things that I thought were decent enough…chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese…all wrapped in a tortilla. So, I ordered a couple of those. Lucky me, I take a bite of one and then I look at the thing again in horror! Something PLASTIC is sticking out of it!!! At first I was like “oh my god! is that a syringe!” But then I opened it up and it was a ball point pen! Now, I am sure this can happen easily. Someone bends over and a pen falls out of their shirt or something. On the scale of things that are gross it really isn’t that disgusting, but when you are eating and you already feel like maybe the place isn’t that great and then there is this foreign object in your food! OMG! Sooooooooo disgusting! Oh. I can’t ever go back there. This goes along with my horror story of eating a baked potato with cheese and broccoli from Wendy’s and finding a BUG in it!!! Oh yes! It was totally disgusting! I can’t go back there either! I think maybe I will stick with Starbucks drinks where I can see them making the thing…I don’t know. I don’t even want to go out to dinner any more. I’m always afraid I’ll find a finger floating in my pop can AFTER I’ve had the entire pop too. And you know there are asshole kids who actually spit in the food or worse! Shudder. I don’t know I’m pretty hesitant about places anyway. You never know what is really going on in those kitchens and you always hear how people don’t wash their hands. Okay, yes, I border on having OCD and this just makes me want to walk around with some germ inspection tools! A PEN in my friggin’ food!!! Well, at least I didn’t bite down on it! I really would have freaked out then!

3 thoughts on “Gross Me Out!

  1. Maybe the pen was a freebie! If you find a bug in your food you should whisper ;-) take care.

  2. A pen in your food, a bug in your food. Girl, you got me off fast food completely!

    Actually, I have found that an important aspect of dealing with my own food issues (I weigh 360 lbs.) is that I should insist on consuming only fresh food. So much for drive through!

    BTW-I used to post as Paulie from the snakepit.

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