Build-A-Bear Bear Lola

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Another part of my cute collection is this super cute Build-A-Bear Bear. I’ve named her Lola. If you are not familiar with Build-A-Bear, let me explain. You go into the store and you pick out the body and head of your bear, then you pick out a heart and a sound for your bear and you take everything over to the stuffing area where your bear is stuffed and fluffed. When your bear is full of stuffing, they sew the bear up right in the store! Then you go to the section where they have bear outfits and you pick out whichever outfit you want your bear to wear. After your bear is complete you register your bear with his or her name and date of birth.

Well, all of this is very fun for little kids and big people who are kids at heart! And, it is a lot of fun afterwards, because if you get tired of the original outfit, you can buy any number of outfits! My bear originally had a Hello Kitty pink shirt and pants, but I decided to get her some holiday outfits. She is wearing the Native American Thanksgiving outfit in the photo above. They also had Pilgrim outfits, but I really am fond of Native American clothing in general and this bear outfit in particular, so that’s why I chose it. The outfit came with the dress, the moccasins and a headband. I guess I’ll be posting pictures of the various outfits I got as we go through the holidays!

Anyway, one great thing about this bear is that you only need one bear and then you can just switch outfits. That way you don’t have to buy tons of new bears…unless you want to! I’m trying to cut back on my bear purchases, so I thought it would be better to change this bear’s outfit rather than getting a new bear… Well, I hope you enjoy! Oh you can also buy the bears online, but it isn’t quite as much fun that way, because you can’t watch the stuffing or kiss your bear’s heart! Here is the link: BuildABear.comĀ 

11 thoughts on “Build-A-Bear Bear Lola

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww I love build a bear and i am 11 this story makes me almost cry and I am not even that kind of person my bears name is Shophie and she has been my friend forever thanks for the really nice story i read to all my friends!

  2. That bear is soooooo cute. When you get a new one you should put a picture of it on here. I’m having my 11th birthday party there and i am getting the Sparkly Snow Leopard or the Endless Hugs Teddy… or maybe i’ll get both if, my mom lets me of course…=D Have fun with your bear! =D From,

  3. Hi Girls! Wow! 11 seems a pretty popular age for bears! That is great! Have a fun birthday Jenna! I guess I should put up pics of my bear in other outfits, huh? Thank you all for your wonderful comments! They are so special! :)

  4. Thanks for giving me support for my party! I bet I will have a fun time at my party. When you get a new bear put a picture on here and I will comment to say how cute it is! =D After my party I will tell you which animal I got. Actually, there are 4 animals I want! I want,(as you know so far) the Endless Hugs Teddy, the Sparkly Snow Leopard, the Happy Go Lucky Frog, and the Summer Hugs Bear. I know my mom won’t let me get all those but maybe she’ll let me get 2 of them. I don’t know. Tomorrow is the first day of June! I only have 3 weeks of school left! This year is my last year at my school then in fall I go to middle school! I’m gonna miss my school. =( I get out of school the 19th. I gotta go. I hope you comment back! Love, Jennagamer619

  5. Hi Jennagamer! I don’t know if you are checking back or not, but I hope your party went really well! :) I’m assuming you already had your party! What animals did you get??? Sorry I didn’t write back sooner! Hope you are well! :) hugs, Kristin :)

  6. Hey!!! I did have my party and I got the Endless Hugs Teddy. Her name is Shannon. She is soooo cute. And yes I did have my Build A Bear party is was GREAT! The new animal I want is the Patriot Pup. It just came out today. It is so cute, you should look at is sometime. What is the name of your bear in the picture? He or she is really cute. I gotta go. Comment back soon! Love, JennaGamer619 =D =)

  7. Yay! Today is Father’s Day! I’m going to my grandparent’s house to celebrate. The fathers we are celebrating are: My dad(of course =D), MY Uncle Bob, and my grandpa. And we are also celebrating my cousin Abbie’s birthday(even though it was June 12th), and my Uncle Bob’s birthday.(His was on June 6) I think. So that’s what’s new for me! Comment back soon! =D Love, JennaGamer619

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