Close Your Eyes Hermione!

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Okay, I’m only posting this to share the news with you. If you are easily offended, DO NOT CLICK on the full story link for this article!!! As you may or may not know, Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, has been doing some stage acting in England when he’s not doing the Harry Potter gig. I’m just going to say that some aspects of the show leave little to the imagination and would probably make Hermione blush. Apparently Daniel will be traveling with the show to the United States later on. How am I ever going to watch Harry Potter again!?! Must rinse eyes out…while continuing to stare at photograph!!! Just kidding. Thought I’d have a little bit of fun with this photo anyway. I think it…err, he…is very tastefully photographed. We must let Daniel Radcliffe grow up sometime…and he is an actor and sometimes it requires losing one’s clothes. All I can say is: Oh Harry!

naked danielle

Oops! Almost forgot the flipside!



10 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes Hermione!

  1. OMG! Whilst i understand you can do artistic nude shots….cant they strategically place something covering his “wand” in a tasteful manner…it will still make an impact…oh the shock and horror….***blushes…then peeks again*** – yeah im lame…im not in the least offended…

  2. I saw these pics back when Equus first opened in London. I feel less awkward about it now that he’s 18 LOL.

    I was however scarred forever by the fact that I know that Mr. Radcliffe is not circumcised. TMI anyone?

    Mama Kelly

  3. I emailed Melinda a link to this page. If you think that photo is freaky, you should rent an old copy of the 1977 Richard Burton movie version of Equus. The actual story is pretty freaky.

    LOL, I was just looking up info about it and saw that the other leading role in this London version with Daniel Radcliffe is played by Richard Griffiths, who plays the mean uncle from Harry Potter movies! “Harry Potter, put some clothes on and get off that horse this instant!!”

  4. mama kelly wrote: “I was however scarred forever by the fact that I know that Mr. Radcliffe is not circumcised. TMI anyone?”

    Yo! The foreskin is there for a reason! Ladies (and sorry beforehand if anyone is offended) would you like to have your clit exposed and rubbing against the fiber of your pants all day? I feel sorry for those boys whose parents are so cruel.

    Only thing I thought when I saw him was, it’s uncomfortable to have the foreskin partly exposing the King, either on or off that’s how I like it, but then I’m not doing a photo shoot. More erotic this way I suppose.

  5. WOW!! May I say that Dan has grown VERY nicely!! I think it was done tastefully enough, come on, women expose themselves in a TON of movies so why can’t men? I mean really, we have to let people grow up and become adults, and if he didn’t go THERE everyone would have typecast him as “Harry” ALL the time. Good for him!! You go DAN!!!! Be proud of your body!!
    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing you in more movies!! Vikki

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