Music Interlude: Another Version

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This is another version of the song “Is It Okay If I Call You Mine?” (To see Serge’s newer version, click here). Here I am singing along with the original recording by Paul McCrane who recorded this for the movie Fame. I made this YouTube video a long time ago. I figured that most people haven’t delved into my backlog of videos, but if this is a repeat for anyone, I’m sorry. The “I Hate My Boss” sign is old as well. I now have a great new boss, so just ignore the sign, please. It was from when I had a horrible boss! Well, I guess that is all I have to say. I hope you like the song. I didn’t know what to do with myself when I was recording, so I kind of look silly, but oh well. hehe. :)

5 thoughts on “Music Interlude: Another Version

  1. Hey Krisiten

    You have a beautiful voice. Keep singing :) Do you take lessons?
    Mary Jo

  2. Hi Mary Jo! Thanks! I used to take voice lessons, but the teacher I had recently moved away and I have yet to get a new teacher. But, when I sing with a voice teacher I usually sing more operatic/classical type things which are completely different than this. I was driving home just the other day and thinking about how much I do miss taking lessons. My voice is totally out of shape right now. Maybe I’ll look into starting up again! thanks for the encouragement. :) kristin

  3. Kristen… each time I come here, I get a blessing… you touch me to my inner core woman… so talented, you encourage me to acknowledge my barriers,. and get over them…

    I am not used to being moved, I am so used to being in control, just watching… but girl… you move me… I love your voice. Keep on doing the work Kristen…xxx

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